New Animal Planet Animal Bites Books: Baby Animals and Animals on the Move + 6 Book Set Giveaway

Animal Planet Animal Bites Books for Giveaway. ad

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We love books! My kids especially love books about animals. The Animal Planet Animal Bites books are the perfect size for learning bits of information without overwhelming the kids. Animal Planet came out with 2 new books this past spring that we were thrilled to add to our collection. This post contains affiliate links and I will receive compensation when you click on and purchase through them. 

Animal Bites: Animals On the Move

In Animals on the Move kids learn about both fast and slow animals. They see the animals in gorgeous photography hanging in their natural habit. My always on the go child, Chloe, loves this book. I asked her one morning while she was perusing it waiting for the bus what animal was her favorite. She claimed the Banana Slugs as her choice. When I asked why she said it was because they recycle things just like she does.

Check out the newest Animal Bites books from Animal Planet - Animals on the Move. ad

Animal Bites: Baby Animals


In Baby Animals kids learn all about different animals and their young. Everyone loves babies! As I’ve come to learn in a very personal way, my children especially love babies. Rosalina is obsessed with her new baby brother, so when she needs some baby loving but he’s busy either napping or eating, I can hand her this book to enjoy. I asked her which baby animal was her favorite, and she immediately pulled it open to the baby sloth. AWE! They really are adorable. 

Check out the new Animal Bites books from Animal Planet. Baby Animals and Animals on the Move. ad There are so many fun things to learn about animals! For more bite-sized fun you can download these Animal Bites cards with facts from each of the 6 Animals Bites books. Print them out on cardstock and turn them into a memory game or for learning on the go this summer. 

Animal Bites Giveaway

One lucky winner will win all 6 Animal Planet Animal Bites Books! Enter on the Rafflecopter below. Open to US 18+ Ends 5/19/2017

Animal Planet Animal Bites Books for Giveaway. ad

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61 thoughts on “New Animal Planet Animal Bites Books: Baby Animals and Animals on the Move + 6 Book Set Giveaway

  1. My favorite animal is the wolf. They’re beautiful, majestic creatures. Thanks.

  2. Both me and my son love giraffes. We find the tall creatures so elegant and he loves to feed them lettuce when we visit zoos!

  3. My favorite animals are dogs and moose. Where I live, there are lots of both and I love watching them.

  4. My favorite animals are foxes, wolves, and big cats. At the zoo i also love watching the alligators.

  5. My favorite animal is a raccoon! I love how their tiny little paws are like little hands.. they’re so cute and smart:)

    Thank you so much for the chance to win! My girls are 4 and 7 and animal obsessed.

  6. It’s hard for me to pick one favorite! I love them all…lions, tigers,elephants, giraffes, and especially the bears! Yeah, bears are my favorite!

  7. My favorite animal is the white tiger. So sad that they no longer have any at the National Zoo.

  8. I love otters, grey squirrels, prairie dogs, cats, and dogs. Any one of those might be the best!

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