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Spring is here, and although we had snow in our forecast this weekend, it never actually snowed – hurrah! I do love the snow, but in it’s correct season, ya know? Plus I just got some fun gardening items, and the kids are ready to ride bikes everywhere. So, the snow can just stay away now. 
LTD Commodities wants to help you get your garden ready to bloom. When you live in an apartment though, having a large garden is not always a possibility. One of the first questions I ask before renting an apartment is whether there is a garden area, or if I can make one. Our current home has a garden area, but the last renters never used it, so the owners covered it in gravel. I decided rather then trying to grow outside, I’d find other ways to have a garden while renting. 

Grow Indoors

I was so excited to find this cute greenhouse from LTD. It’s perfect for growing herbs indoors, while protecting the plants from exuberant children (or pets). You can also place it outside to get more sun, but still protect the plants from any harsh weather spring may throw on us (like random snow storms). 
I also found these fun herbs in a can to grow. They fit 3 perfectly inside the greenhouse grower. I can’t wait for the herbs to start sprouting!

Find a community Garden

Often if you live in a city you can find a community garden to join. These are areas you pay a little fee, then can grow in your specific plot. It’s a great way to get out of the apartment, get to know others in your neighborhood, and well – grow your own food!

Vertical Gardens

A garden I don’t see too often, but is a great space and time saver are these vertical gardens. You can hang them on a fence or out on a balcony to get enough sun. Add some water, and then let them grow. An added benefit to vertical gardens is the lack of weeds, making them less time consuming than a traditional garden would be. I got these ones to send to my mom. She doesn’t live in an apartment, but she has become increasing more busy these days and I thought they would help her out. LTD has a couple different selections of these fun plants to choose from. 

Garden decor

So you don’t have the space to garden, the time, or maybe you don’t have that proverbial green thumb, you can still make it look like you do with some gardening accents. I found these adorable children with solar powered fireflies caught in a jar. It’s the perfect accent to any garden or garden like space. Plop one of these by your front door, and your friends will feel like they’re a child again hanging outside catching the little glow bugs – it’s an instant garden feel!  

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52 thoughts on “Apartment Gardening {Giveaway}

  1. Yes, I am gardening. I just came in from water my flowers. Everything looks so good this year. I recently spent $200 at Lowe's for new flowers. I am very happy with it.

  2. I am gardening! Last year we did our first ever container garden! We had such a great time and everything was fantastic! We are very excited to start here next week again and do a little more this year!

  3. I would love to have a small vegetable garden, however I'd have to dig up part of the lawn to make a garden bed and my husband is adamantly opposed to the destruction of any sod lol.

    1. oh no! those husbands, lol. Have you looked into container gardening? You could grow some tomatoes in a pot, onions and herbs as well. OR you should check out the hanging gardens I got from LTD.

  4. I am a gardening fool this year. We are foodies and love being able to grow delicious vegetables and fruits that aren't available in our area or on our budget. Gardening has kept us off Food Stamps (and junk food) even in the leanest of times.

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