April Before – Kitchen and a Baby

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I love this monthly link up at Shine Your Light. I’ve really been able to push some projects through this year!
This month we’ve got two major projects going on. Some people would probably call us crazy (I think we’re crazy!). The thing is, when your husband is a teacher, and they’ve got a week of Spring Break, it’s the perfect time to get some major things done!
Our first project this month, is having a baby. Baby Prince was due last Wednesday, but he’s still hanging out in my massively huge tummy (seriously, where’d my belly button go?!).  If he doesn’t decide to make an appearance on his own, I’ve got another appointment on Monday (what do you know, Spring Break means my ob took off as well.)  As long as there’s room at the hospital, we’ll be coaxing Baby Prince out into the real world!
There will be some much cuter photos at the After Party!
Our second HUGE project this month is our Kitchen Remodel. After our basement remodel last year, the kitchen was the next room we wanted completely made over. The cupboards were old, and had nails poking out of them that caught a finger on more than one occasion. There weren’t enough outlets for me to really enjoy my cooking escapades with the kids, and counter space was limited. So we sat, planned, and planned some more. With the arrival of Spring Break, we had finally created an outline of our kitchen, and purchased everything from IKEA.

It really wasn’t a bad looking kitchen, but it wasn’t very functional, or all that pretty.  We’ve been working on it for a week now. The counters are out, the flooring is gone, and the electricity is all wired! Mark is in there right now mudding the walls to prep it for paint, and we should start seeing cabinets next week.

oh yeah, we also scraped off the popcorn ceiling, and will be needing to fix that as well. 
What are you working on this month?  You can link up your Before and Afters over at Shine Your Light!


2 thoughts on “April Before – Kitchen and a Baby

  1. Hang in there with that baby! I feel your pain—my second was 9 days late, but she came out when she was ready, and she was perfect!

    What an adventure with the kitchen. Good luck!

  2. Adelina! Oh my gosh a baby and a kitchen remodel all at once!!!!! I can't wait to hear about the newest member of your family – when he finally decides to make his big appearance! How exciting! THAT is one after picture I'm really looking forward to!!
    And your kitchen is going to be fabulous!! Thanks so much for linking up again, I'm so glad to have you join the party and am fired up to see these two HUGE before and afters for April!!
    Best wishes for an easy delivery!

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