Are you a Hoarder or Collector? {Guest Post}

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Are You Hoarding or Collecting?


There is a difference between collecting and hoarding. Collectors focus on a particular category of objects they enjoy. Someone that loves baseball may collect bats, cards and posters featured in that sport. The items collected are kept clean while being displayed nicely in the home. Collectors choose objects carefully before purchasing them.
Occasionally, a collector will store or sell excessive items. They do not allow the home to become overwhelmed with their collections. A collector’s home remains reasonably clean and functional. A hoarder brings random items into their homes. The objects may be broken, dirty and worthless. Hoarded items are not displayed nicely. They are left in piles and stacks. Objects in a hoarding home are often covered with dust and cobwebs. Hoarders may have no idea what is in the piles throughout their homes.

What is Collecting?

Many people have a hobby of collecting objects. A collection is typically a specific category of items. Popular collections are dolls, pottery, coins and other objects. A collector displays their items in an organized and attractive way. Collections are placed on shelves and kept clean. A collected item may be framed and hung on a wall. Small collectibles are often placed in special books for protection. Valuable objects may be stored in boxes to avoid damage. Collectors may rotate their objects to avoid too much clutter. Collector’s homes are maintained nicely. The home is considered clean and safe. It is possible to walk around the home without danger of injury. Kitchen appliances are accessible. Plumbing in the bathrooms is functional.

What is Hoarding?

This is considered an obsessive compulsive disorder. Individuals keep a massive amount of objects. Clutter fills the person’s home until it is difficult to walk from room to room. In addition, the home may become extremely dirty. A normal lifestyle is neglected. Hoarders may have so many items in their homes that it is dangerous. Danger can be from potential fire hazards. Piles of objects may cover kitchen appliances. Bathrooms become filled with items and are unusable. Water leaks may be unnoticeable under the stacks of junk. Occasionally, rodents and insects begin to proliferate in the home. The heavy weight of objects can cause structural damage to a house. As objects decompose the home develops a horrible odor. Stacks of objects may fall on homeowners causing injury. In intense hoarding situations the home may be filled with human and pet feces.

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Lyndsi is a home organization specialist. When organizing homes she suggests storing items at self storage Everett MA and storage units Lakewood WA. Lyndsi lives in Washington with her family.

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  1. I'm neither… I'm close to being a minimalist but I like to have a little more than just the basics. I think hoarding is finally getting the attention it deserves as a real psychological problem that is emotionally and financially damaging to people.

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