Asbestos testing

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We just had a very exciting and crazy 2 days! Our insurance adjuster came by last night to check out the flood damage. We showed her where the pipe broke, the replaced carpet, the torn up vinyl, the knocked down wall, and the insulation that might have asbestos.
Asbestos? You heard that right. Apparently you can put some asbestos in front of a blow torch and it won’t get through. Pretty cool! Not so cool if that stuff gets in your lungs though.  The adjuster was very friendly and got right on top of everything. Since there was a possibility of asbestos she sent us to a hotel, and dinner.  We packed up some things for overnight, and headed out. The Princess’ had a lot of fun “going on vacation”.
Waiting to check in.

more waiting.

Not sure why it got blurry, but we’re still waiting.

Once we got a room Princess R thought the drawers were the coolest place ever! I debated having her sleep in one! Of course I didn’t let her, the hotel had a decent pack n play we used.

Mmm, breakfast! I just love those faces, lol. It was really a great breakfast! Fruit loops, muffins and juice for the kids. Bagel with cream cheese, and a strawberry danish for me. I should learn how to make danish’s they are morning goodness!
This morning I woke up after Mark had left for work. I was a little upset because I like to be up when he leaves, and I couldn’t find our bag with my clothes in it. I thought he took it with him.  After some accusations on my part, I found the bag in the bathroom, whoops. My apologies were accepted with laughter and a comment that he knows how to make me crazy.
In truth, I was getting close to some kind of panic attack. My phone was dead because I left the charger at home, and I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do today. I felt out of the loop, and slightly abandoned. I packed the kids up and drove home to get my charger, and of course grabbed the wrong charger, grrr! So I gave them a bit more down time before we packed up again, and got the right charger. We then went to the mall and Target to get some lunch and new coloring books and crayons. That kept them well entertained until my phone was charged.
Mark called after lunch to let me know we DID NOT have asbestos! Thank goodness, but now what? Since the hotel was paid for for a week, I left our things there and headed home so Princess R could actually take a nap (it just wasn’t working out in the hotel). We’ve now met with a contracted Restoration company and feel like we’re on the path to home living again. I feel like our basement is more a house then a home right now. Tools everywhere, with no place to really comfortably live. By next week we should know the costs to us, and what the insurance is covering. Then it’s off to construction and a nice finished basement! I can’t wait.

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