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3 tips on becoming a morning person. Awaken your senses with new Edison #WicklessWonders #cbias #Ad
The alarm goes off. It’s morning and time to start a new day. Are you up smiling with the sun, or prying your eyes open and forcing yourself to wake up. I have always been the former. I LOVE mornings. To me there is nothing better than waking up, sometimes before the sun, and realizing you have a brand new day with no mistakes made yet. It’s completely refreshing in my opinion – even on the days I haven’t slept well, mornings are still my favorite part of the day. 

It all starts with the right scent. There aren’t many things I collect, but good smelling wax is on the list. It started with candles, but has branched into wax warmers, and the many different scents they have. Every day, every activity, has a scent that can be paired to it. I just updated my wax warmer to the New Edison Anchorage warmer from Scentsationals.  I was drawn to this one with the Edison inspired light bulbs, and vintage feel from the frame. 
Edison Anchorage warmer from Scentsationals #WicklessWonders #Ad
This week, with my new night job, mornings have become a tad more difficult to get out of the bed, so I’m trying to start a new routine that will help wake me up, and keep the positive attitude going. Here are my 3 tips on a successful morning routine that will wake up your senses and prepare you for the day!
Make sure to follow the instructions carefully when using wax warmers.


Breathe in Bee Sweet from Scentsationals while doing morning Yoga for a great start to the day #WicklessWonders #Ad

I really love working out, and find it most relaxing to start the day with some type of workout. Normally I would love to be out running and breathing in the fresh air – but then this is North Dakota, and it’s cold, and dark…and I’m a chicken to run alone. So I’m picking up yoga. It’s a great morning relaxer, and those deep breaths pair perfectly with the Bee Sweet scentsationals wax. 


Breakfast with Molten Orange scent and Orange Juice #WicklessWonders #Ad
Once I’ve got my workout in, I need to fuel up for the day. There was a time I skipped breakfasts because the mornings were just too rushed, but not anymore. I have to take care of myself to take care of the family – and so do you! I’m a bit of a citrus horde (seriously, I will hide the OJ in hopes no one else will ask for any). I found the Molten Orange wax to be a beautiful scent paired with my fresh breakfast of Orange Juice. 
Plus, when it’s still dark in the morning, my gorgeous Edison Warmer is very pleasant to look at. it’s not too bright, but it’s also not just a nightlight. Perfect for adjusting your sleepy eyes to the daylight. 

Fresh Air

Fresh Air in the bathroom #WicklessWonders #Ad
Now that it’s spring time, you can open the windows! Well, some of you probably can at least. It’s still a bit too chilly here first thing in the morning to really let in the fresh air. So instead I use the Fresh Air scentsationals wax in my bathroom with my new Scentsationals Bronze Lantern warmer. With 6 people sharing one bathroom – we need all the Fresh Air we can get in there! 
I have a little secret to confess – sometimes when I am not in a rush, I’ll go stand in the candle aisle at walmart and just breathe deeply. After a long day, especially one where I missed part of my routine, the mixture of scents is one I find very relaxing. 
Find new Edison Wax Warmers at Walmart #WicklessWonders #Ad
Why yes, I am wearing my winter coat and flip flops – flip flops also relax me despite the current outside weather. 
Which Edison warmer and scent would you pair together for the perfect morning?

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  1. I am NOT a morning person. At. All. However, I have recently acquired a plug in ScentSationals wax warmer for my bathroom and it really makes the bathroom smell amazing during my morning shower- it does wonder for my mindset! #client

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