Awesome America from Time Inc. and a Giveaway

Learn all about the Elections with Awesome America from Time Inc.

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I received Awesome America from Blue Slip Media for review. Opinions shares are 100% honest. 

Happy 4th of July! Parades, flags, candy, BBQ’s and fireworks are being shared across the country. Celebrate with a little history and a new book from Time Inc. Time For Kids Awesome America by Katy Steinmetz. 

Awesome America from Time Inc.

The other day Chloe and I had run out for a couple errands. While out I decided to keep the radio off and just enjoy chatting with my middle daughter. Somehow the conversation got onto politics. We started talking about who is running for president, and how they can make the country great and help the people. 

Learn all about the Elections with Awesome America from Time Inc.

Chloe decided she would become President one day – as most kids at some point dream of. I asked her what she would do, and if she even knew what the Presidents job was. She knew basics, like, the president is supposed to help the people. She concluded by telling me that in her Presidential Speech she would tell Americans “To be good. You just need to be good”, as well as, “I’ll hunt down all the bad guys and lock them up”. That led to an interesting discussion on who bad guys are, and how she would find them. 

Kids are pretty amazing when we take the time to listen to them. I attribute a lot of what Chloe says, and her very grown up way of looking at some things, to her voracious reading habits. 

How do you say...? Learn all about different names around the country in Awesome America

It just so happened this was the perfect time to introduce our new book Awesome America! Inside she can learn all she needs to about America, the presidential election, some really important documents, and even how people use different words for the same thing depending on where in America they live. 

I attribute a lot of what Chloe says to her voracious reading habit. Awesome America I know is going to teach her some pretty well, awesome facts, and will hopefully enhance her desire to follow politics more and stay involved as she grows older. 

Win a copy of Awesome America from Time Inc.

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