Back on Chocolate! and a Menu Plan

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Do you recall me saying I was going to skip chocolate for the month of October? I give up. I’m taking back my chocolate, and completely enjoying it!  Here’s what I learned in my attempt to go without chocolate –

– I don’t eat a lot of it on a daily basis. But when you take away my small doses, like a few chips in a cookie, thten later I binge on a nice big dense chocolate energy bar (Space Food Stick). They taste like Resen’s, so of course, I couldn’t stop at just trying one. Nope I had to go back and have another. I told you, binge!

– Chocolate actually does help keep me sane. I had a couple bad mommy days, where I just couldn’t handle things. I let my emotions rule. Afterwards, I ate a small piece of chocolate, and the smooth creamy goodness, brought me back. So when I got whacked pretty good in the eye with a Minnie Mouse doll, I was able to keep my cool.
– Finally put it all together, and I learned that like most things, chocolate in moderation is good for you. I don’t have a chocolate addiction. I just enjoy chocolate, and will continue to enjoy it, in moderated amounts.
Fyi, you can win some Space Food Sticks of your very own! Just come join the MomPact Twitter Party this Thursday October 26th at 6pm Pacific/9pm ET. Use the hashtag #mompactLNO
Plus there will be lots of other prizes as well. RSVP HERE
So on to this week’s menu
Monday – Pasta
Tuesday – Breaded Parmesan Chicken
Wednesday – Cowboy Chili
Thursday – Hamburgers
Friday – Enchiladas
Saturday – Leftovers

4 thoughts on “Back on Chocolate! and a Menu Plan

  1. We miss you, too! Clint likes school so much more this year. :o)
    Aja is working on her mission papers. (Since she turned 19 about a week before the Big Announcement in General Conf). She's super anxious to get going. Good times!

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