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I keep seeing my friends and other bloggers on facebook talking about Back to School. Hey, I even have a banner up there advertising Back to School! But truth be told I’m not really ready for it. So I’ve avoided looking at when our school goes back. Come on now, it’s still July. Summer is just getting started. 
But then I caved, and I looked. My kids go back August 19th. That’s 1 month away. Not bad, but 1 month usually flies by pretty quick. So of course that got me thinking about what they might need for school. We’ve already had to buy a new swimsuit for the summer, which means clothes are probably being outgrown as well. 
It feels like just yesterday we were taking First Day of 1st grade photos!
When I was a kid, one of our favorite things to do was back to school shopping with my mom. We always got 1 new outfit for the year. It’s a tradition I really want to keep with my kids, not because of anything extremely special about it – but kids do grow and need new clothes that fit – and the beginning of the school is a perfect time to let them get one outfit that’s not a hand-me-down, that expresses who they are, and for the very practical reason that they’ve outgrown the old clothes. 
Living on a budget however, means just one new outfit, and at the best deal we can find!  I’ve been browsing Zulilly a lot lately (even made my first purchase for Princess V’s birthday coming up), and noticed they’ve got some great sales on back to school clothes – like Jelly The Pug! Seriously, these are some of the cutest outfits I’ve ever seen, and they’ve got something that would fit both personalities for my girls. 
Turquoise Kira Dress - Infant, Toddler & Girls
This right here the Turquoise Kira Dress – is totally and utterly Princess V! It’s a dress, it’s long enough, and it’s simple just like she is. I just know she would love wearing this on the first day of school.
Princess C on the other hand, is a bit more of a wild child. She’s got her own sense of fashion, and wouldn’t go for something quite as plain. No no, this fits her much better. 
Petals Shawna Dress & Leggings - Infant, Toddler & Girls
The Petals Shauna Dress and Leggings are more like Princess C with big bold colors, and lots of them!  Plus with the way she plays, leggings are a must.
Do you shop Back to School clothes with your kids?

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  1. OH Krista! I use to think the same thing about having girls. I have a little boy now too, and absolutely love the handsome things I can dress him in. Zulily has got some pretty nice boy clothes too you should check out.

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