Backyard Tourist: Provo Spring Festival

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Saturday night we headed out to Provo’s Spring Festival at Rock Canyon Park. Our first impression was to not even try and find parking, but I was determined to get out of the house as a family and have fun! So slowly we drove through the myriad of parked cars looking for some place relatively close. We managed to park right next to the playground – complete luck there!
Princess C loves to let her voice be heard outside. She’s not scared here, just letting out a good ole scream of joy that slides can bring to kids. 
Once we got the kids away from the playground we headed down the hill into the bowl of the park. I need to remember to come here to go running while the kids can also get some energy out. It’s so perfect! The hills make for great sledding in the winter as well (or so I recall from my teenage years). 
We ended up wandering the food tents first, but since we had already eaten, we made  a turn about to go find the activities. 
First place we stopped was a series of tents with different activities and Easter Eggs for the kids. Each area inside the tent had a little spring history from a different country, and spring type decor. We loved the big butterfly. but the kids had a whole lot of fun coloring an Easter Egg, making Japanese paintings, and paper kites in China. 
After leaving the Spring around the world tent, I noticed the May Pole! I’ve always loved may poles, and thought it was such a fun springy activity. The girls thought it was pretty cool too, and got a little more energy out. I have to hand it to the workers at this activity, 10ish little kids running in different directions with ribbons, they did pretty awesome.
Wasn’t that fun? Of course since it was the day before Easter, we got to meet the Easter Bunny while there as well, and even found a few extra special friends. 
We had so much fun! Mark stood in line after these pictures to get balloon swords with the kids, and I took little Prince to the pony rides. Unfortunately we were told they were putting the ponies away soon, and would not get a turn. So off we went to check out the Humane Society and the dogs they brought. I’ve never been much of an animal person, but ever since we had to give up our dog to move last fall, I feel like we need a dog. My kids could use that little extra unbiased love from a furry friend. One day…one day.
Awe! Isn’t that the sweetest. 
It was starting to get late, and although the kids really wanted to stay and watch Frozen outside – Mark and I decided we really need to get our kids to bed. So we compromised and let them set up beds on the couch and watch Frozen at home until they fell asleep. Maybe this summer we’ll find another outdoor movie to go to. 
Thanks PROVO for a Kid Friendly Spring Festival! We really appreciate free events like this!
If you are going to be in Utah this year, here is a pretty comprehensive list of Utah Fairs and Festivals.
I plan on attending at least the Strawberry Festival and hopefully one of the Scottish Festivals this year.  

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