Basement Reveal

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It’s done, it’s done, I can’t believe it’s done!!! (well ok, almost. But I don’t count the small little holes Mark still needs to fill. It’s liveable).

The main living space. This used to be a cold storage/unfinished room.

Under the Stairs Puppet Theater (or haunted house as the Princess’ have been calling it)

The “entry” to the basement.
Isn’t that floor gorgeous?  It’s still a little dusty. I need to go find my microfiber cloths to get it all up. As you can see we’ve even begun moving some items down (hello tv).  The only things left to do down here is decorate! Since it is the Princess’ play room as well as laundry room, my main goal is to dampen the echo. The washer suddenly got a lot louder.

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