The 6 B’s Lesson 1: Be Grateful #FamilyHomeEvening

Be Grateful

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As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, one thing we do is set aside Monday nights for what we call Family Home Evening. It’s a night we try not to have any activities planned outside the home with friends, or work. We come home together, and spend the time as a family.  Some night it means watching a new (or old) movie or playing a game, while others we try to have a gospel-centered lesson. 
So a few Mondays ago, I asked Mark to put together a lesson. He did great! He pulled his lesson from President Gordon B Hinkley’s address in November 2000 where he gave us what quickly became known as the 6 B’s
  • Be Grateful
  • Be Smart
  • Be Clean
  • Be True
  • Be Humble
  • Be Prayerful
After Mark’s lesson that night, I got to thinking, and decided I wanted to cover more in depth each Be. So the following Monday I took my turn with the lesson, and covered Be Grateful.  It was one of the best lessons we have ever had!  So get ready to teach your kids about gratitude!
Opening Song: Thank Thee for Everything (Primary Song Book pg 10)  This was a new song to the kids and one I’ve sung very rarely. So we attempted to learn it as a family. If you follow the link, you’ll find the lyrics and music.
Opening Prayer.

Lesson Time!

I began the lesson asking if anyone remembered the 6 B’s. Princess V and C both did a pretty good job remembering most of them. I was impressed, and so very happy that they actually remembered some. It told me they really do pay attention sometimes. After we recited the B’s a few times, I told the girls that I wanted to talk about just the first B – Be Grateful. 
We had a quick, child-friendly discussion on what the word Grateful means. Just like being Thankful, and saying thanks to people when they are kind to us, or help us, we are grateful for the things we have. 
At this point, we then grabbed some blankets and headed outside to lay under our big tree. After we laid mostly quietly for some time contemplating the things we could see, hear and smell, I started one by one, asking the kids, and Mark what the were grateful for. As the talked, I compiled a list in my notebook.  Once again, my children impressed me with how well they understood and grasped the concept. Instead of saying things like their toys and material objects, the first few “I am thankful for” included – Family, Friends, Teachers, Sisters, and Brother. As I encouraged everyone to keep thinking and listening and looking around them at our beautiful earth – the answers branched out to things like Butterflies, Sticks and Flowers. 
We ended the lesson by remembering who we need to thank for our beautiful earth – Our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ. We packed the blankets back inside, and closed the evening.
Closing Song: Children All Over the World (Primary Song Book pg 16
Closing Prayer.
Refreshments! A good FHE always ends with a yummy treat.  You can try and tie it into the lesson, or just enjoy some Ice Cream Sundaes like we did – which by the way, is just another thing we should be grateful for.
Of course after a few days, and some playing around, I created a little reminder for our home to Be Grateful all the time.  And, I even took the time to find the best way for you to be able to download this and use in your own home. Not only is it a great reminder year round, it would also make great Thanksgiving Decor. 
Download this FREE Printable
Keep an eye out for the next 5 lessons in this 6 part series. 

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  1. Great teaching from your church… something that anyone from any faith could try to remember to include. Family's can be so scattered and not joined together in an activity because of computers and individual game players. Great list of things to be… gratefulness is key to happiness.

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