The 6 B’s Lesson 2: Be True #FamilyHomeEvening

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Young kids don’t often know right from wrong. They are still learning, and as parents, we need to kindly and gently guide them to make good choices as they grow to be adults. One way we do that is through Family Home Evening – a night we set aside each week to teach our children principles and gospel lessons from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I hope you’ll join me in these lessons, and add any insight in the comments. 
We are on the 2nd Be from President Hinkley’s 2001 address to the youth – Be True.  But to be perfectly honest with you, I’ve got ours a little out of order. Be True was actually number 4 on his list, but it all works out in the end.
Opening Song: Choose the Right 
Lesson:  Mark took over the lesson this night. He began by telling a fictional story of the girls. 
“You were outside playing one day, and V thought it was a good idea to throw some rocks.  One hit the car window and broke it.  V didn’t tell mommy or daddy what happened. 
When I found the broken window, I asked C if she knew what happened.”
At this point, we turned to C and asked her, do you know how the window got broken?
To which she answered “I think L did it”
This was the perfect lead up into telling the truth. We told Princess C that if we ask her something, and she doesn’t know, she shouldn’t guess at what happened. Unless she saw it happen she can tell us “I don’t know”.  
Once we finished the story, and talking to each kid about their different answers, Grandma P (who was in town for a visit), shared a personal story of how telling lies left her unable to play at a friends house once. 
Finally we led up to being true to ourselves, as a Child Of God, we should always behave well. When someone does something wrong, or something we don’t feel comfortable with, we don’t have to go along with it.  
This not so simple concept was a great lead into watching a family movie – Wreck It Ralph. Just don’t make the blunder I did and tell your kids 

Ralph is being true to him. He’s a bad guy, and it’s ok to be ba…. (insert a raised eyebrow from Mark here) it’s ok to be you, and not let others change you. Pushing for something we want is good, as long as we stay true to ourselves.

Closing Song: Stand for the Right 
Closing prayer

*Side note – Because I mentioned Wreck It Ralph I also wanted to share my friends blog with you – Fun Filled Flicks.  She created a fun Wreck It Ralph game for her kids one day, that I know my kids would love!

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