Can you feel the beat…to beat Polio? Spread the word by dancing and donating to Shot@Life

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Black Friday is behind us, and Cyber Monday is almost here. What I look forward to every year though is Giving Tuesday – a time that truly helps remind me of all I have and should be grateful for. This Giving Tuesday I’ll be donating to Shot@Life to help kids around the world beat polio. Check out the initiative below and then join me in dancing to beat polio!

Can you feel the beat polio? Donate to Shot@Life and help eradicate polio for good
Did you know that in 1988 there were 350,000 cases of polio in 125 countries? Today there are only 51 cases in 2 countries! We have almost eradicated this debilitating disease completely! 

This year Shot@Life is encouraging everyone to take to social media and share videos or gifs of you, your family, and/or friends dancing to help spread the word, and encourage those who can to donate to Shot@Life. Why dance you ask? Polio often causes paralysis, making walking – let alone dancing – impossible for some. We want to live in a world where everyone can dance! 


This year Nigeria was removed from the list of polio cases. If it stays polio-free, Africa will be polio free for the first time! With your donations to Shot@Life, the UN helps deliver billions of polio vaccines to kids each year, along with other essential health care services. 

Will you donate? Share your dance videos with #ShotatLife and spread the word!

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