Beating the Summer Blues

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The days are filled with sunshine, everyone is outside playing
and mingling, scents of watermelon and funnel cake linger in the air—and yet
you’re sad. Summer is a happy time for most people, but it can be a difficult
time as well. Sadness and challenges can be with you no matter what season, and
summer has its particular set of difficulties. But, you can beat the summertime
sadness with the help of these suggestions.
Beating the Exhaustion
Your kids are on their summer break from school and you have to
find ways to entertain them all day. As much as you love to watch them run and
play, it may leave you feeling exhausted both physically and mentally. It’s
important especially in this season, as in all seasons, to make time for you.
Allow yourself opportunities to take part in your favorite activities that lend
to a peaceful atmosphere such as yoga, walking with friends, or even taking a
nice bubble bath. Rather than feeling guilty for setting aside this time for
yourself, recognize that recharging your own batteries will allow you to give
your best time and efforts to those tasks and people who are most important in
your life.

Sleeping the Sad Away
One of the great things about the summer months is that daytime
hours are longer, giving you more time each day to work and play.
Unfortunately, these longer days also mean shorter nights, which oftentimes
result in you getting less sleep during the summertime. Not getting enough
sleep can cause the body to release increased amounts of the stress hormone
cortisol. Keep your cortisol in check by striving to get a full 7-8 hours of
sleep each night, no matter how strongly the sun may be calling your name. If
necessary, invest in some heavy curtains or an eye mask to create a nighttime
Overcoming Depression
There may come a point where you feel as though you are
constantly living in a mental fog, so to speak. You can’t think clearly and
your hobbies don’t interest you anymore. You withdraw from your friends and
family and feel hopeless and even angry. Depression is a real issue and can
affect you in any season. Depression can be due to a lot of different factors:
stress, a traumatic event, your genetics, or even unbalanced hormone levels.
More and more studies are showing that depression can be due to a hormone
deficiency. Check out this article to learn more. A doctor can test you
for hormone and chemical imbalances and get you on the right track with
treatment. With the right blend of diet, lifestyle choices, and medical
treatment, your depression will diminish and you will start feeling like
yourself again. 
Making Fun Inexpensive
Summertime is vacation season for many people. Your friends
might be going on exotic expeditions through the jungle, on fancy cruises to
the Caribbean, or on a backpacking trip through Europe. You may feel left out
if you can’t afford to go anywhere this year. But, you can still get a big bang
for your buck doing simple things as a family. For example, you could go to the
movies to escape the heat or have a family game night in your backyard. You
could even take a day trip to a local place you’ve never been like hiking in
the mountains. All you have to pay for on a day trip like this is gas and snacks.
You can still have fun this summer without shelling out large amounts of money
on expensive plane tickets.

Dealing with Body Image    
Summertime, also known as swimsuit season, can be hard for
those who struggle with body image. You may feel uncomfortable and
self-conscious at the beach and the pool and may want to avoid those places
altogether. In order to build yourself up and create a positive body image,
keep a list of the top 10 things you like about yourself and repeat them
anytime a negative thought comes to mind. Also surround yourself with positive
people like family and friends who love you unconditionally and make you feel
like a million bucks. In your moments of weakness, find gratitude for the
functions your body performs and appreciate all that your body does for you.
Using these helpful tips, you should find yourself feeling confident in your
own skin.

Some summertime difficulties may seem hard to overcome. You may
be overwhelmed physically, emotionally, and mentally. You may have depression,
even in the midst of a schedule full of pool parties and summer night
barbecues. It is possible to beat these summer blues by making time yourself,
getting enough sleep, understanding the physical causes, doing fun activities
with your family and loving your body. No matter how difficult things may seem
at times, you can triumph over summertime sadness. 
About the Author: Victoria Candland is a traveler, runner, and professional writer. She enjoys finding creative fixes to life’s everyday problems and sharing them whenever she can. She especially loves creating fun ways for families and friends to spend time together.

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