Beautifully Said: Quotes by Remarkable Women and Girls

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Beautifully Said is full of Quotes by Remarkable Women and Girls Designed to Make You Think. 

When Venice started middle school this year, I was nervous and also so excited! Middle school is a great time in our lives to really find out who we are. There’s of course the hormonal changes, but it’s also a time to try out new things and really find out what we enjoy doing. 

I started really running in middle school, and I’ve never stopped (well at least not permanently). It was a time in my life where I was never afraid to just be me, no matter what anyone else said. I can only hope that will be how my own children feel. 

Unfortunately middle school is also a time where many kids feel the peer pressure of others to do or try things that go against who they are. They still have that childhood inclination to please those around them, and seek the approval of not just the adults but now their peers. 


In Beautifully Said, the quotes are separated into 21 different sections to inspire based on different areas in our lives, as well as speak to our different interests. Sections like “She Believes”, “She Explores”, and “She Invents” can speak to girls and women of every background and with every interest. 

As I read through many of the different quotes, I marked a few that I especially wanted to share with Venice. These are words I want her to carry throughout her days, to help build her up. So of course, I made them into cute printables so she could hang them in her locker.

Beautifully Said: Remarkable quotes by women and girls designed to make you think. ad

Aren’t these quotes the greatest? Beautifully Said is chalk full of so many more. While I marked these and many more for Venice to read and ponder on, there was one that I marked just for me. 

Beautifully Said: Quotes by Remarkable Women and Girls designed to make you think. ad

While I like to browse the book by theme, it is also set up so you can search quotes by who said it. If you or your daughter have a role model, you can see if they are listed and turn straight to their quote. With over 100 quotes, and none by a repeat person, there are plenty of role models for us to all find. 

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