Downside of Being a Homeowner

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I love being a homeowner! The mere fact that this house is OURS, just rocks! There are times though, that I do actually miss renting.  Times like this last week particularly.
I would like to apologize to you, my wonderful readers. I have not been on here lately.  Life decided it was time for our first Homeowners curve-ball. You may recall my letter to my oven.  It had died on us, and I was very sad.  Before leaving on our Yellowstone Vacation, we bought a new one, and had it scheduled to be delivered and installed the Monday after we got back (this last Monday).  So Monday rolls around, and we start getting ready for the men to deliver our oven. First though we had to run a gas line to our kitchen. See, Mark and I, we like gas ovens. The beauty of them, is you can still cook on them if you’re power goes out. Not that I foresee that happening a lot, but I like to be prepared.  So we bought a gas oven at Lowe’s.  While the plumber was here  running the gas line, he informed us that the insulation from our Cold Storage Room, probably had asbestos in it. He obviously didn’t test for it, but he strongly suggested getting it out sooner than later. Great, I thought! I went into research mode on the insulation, and scared myself a bit. Then the oven arrived!

Isn’t it beautiful? 5 ranges! Count them…5!!
While this beauty was being installed, we took the Princess’ outside to wash the cars and play in the wading pool.  We had not used our front hose faucet until Monday. The water pressure was really weak through the hose, so we ran it longer than we normally would have.  Once we had the oven installed, and the cars washed, I asked Mark if he would get started on cleaning up the vermiculite. A few minutes later he was back upstairs telling me I needed to come look.  The floor was flooded. We thought it was just a backed up drain. We were wrong. The basement was flooded from the hose faucet.

It started in the master closet

and seeped into the cold storage.  
We tried to save the carpet in the closet, and master room, but we couldn’t. We couldn’t get anyone from our insurance to look at it until Thursday. At that point, the smell told us it wasn’t worth saving. So for the past couple days we’ve ripped out all the carpet, and have been sleeping on our pullout couch.

 We carpet pad

Turns out vinyl was laid under the carpet in the master room.
See how wet that is?! 
Pulling out the carpet pads
The master closet without carpet. 
Our current bed, in it’s couch form. And since we aren’t sleeping downstairs at the moment, I didn’t want Princess R down there all alone. So we put her in the pack n play in Princess C’s room, and I turned Princess R’s room into the laundry room.
Sit Relax and Read
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This week I’m feeling sentimental about renting. Although owning a home is our dream come true, there were some obvious benefits to renting. I will always look back fondly on the repairmen we didn’t have to pay, or the heartache of dying appliances.  Welcome to home ownership!

7 thoughts on “Downside of Being a Homeowner

  1. Oh, NO! I hate when you are forced to do remodeling, etc. when you are not expecting it. Hope it can all be fixed soon!

  2. Oh, no! I'm so sorry! I agree with you though, sometimes it is no fun to be the ones responsible for all the mess. we had some flooding less than 2 months after we moved into our home last year–but it was outside, thankfully. I hope the mess gets cleaned up quickly! (And your stove looks awesome!)

    1. Very true Gail! We are renting again ourselves. But there are pros and cons to both. It's just a matter of how you look at it, and what fits the individual lifestyle.

  3. Sure you can have a roof over your head by renting a house. But what if the landlord decides to use the property? Or, what if you run into financial problems and you can’t pay your rent for a much longer time? In situations like these, you will realize that home of your own is a very reliable shock absorber.

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