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Does Telecommuting reduce road congestion?

I think for telecommuting to make a significant impact on road congestion, more people would have to be doing it. Although it seems I hear more about people working from home these days, there are still a lot of jobs that require, and I think always will require, the employee to drive into work.  
Then there is always the fact that if an employee can telecommute, why would they stay home? With relaxing places like bookstore cafe’s why would they want to work at home.  From many of the authors I’ve talked to, who don’t even have a workplace to go to, they still prefer to work somewhere else. 
Mark, as a teacher, can’t telecommute. There is plenty of work after school he could do at home, but he still stays at work to finish it. When he is home he wants to relax and I don’t want to worry that the kids are bothering him while he tries to get work done.
I have a friend who telecommutes, and recently on facebook her status read this 

“One drawback of working from home is that I still have to work when I’m sick”

Yeah seriously? Who would want that?

Alright so I know I veered from the question, but I think it’s important to look at all aspects.

Benefits of Telecommuting

Saves money. By working from home, you can save money on gas and food. We all know it costs more when you go out to eat. By staying home, you’re more likely to eat in.
Multitask. When working from home, you can get more done in your day. There are so many little household things that can be done while working on your phone, or watching an online conference on your computer.  Toss some laundry into the wash, wipe down counters, vacuum, dust – to name a few. (These are things I easily do throughout the day while blogging, playing with my kids, and joining twitter parties).
Eat Healthier.  I somewhat mentioned this under Saves Money, but by working at home, you’re less likely to go out to eat, or grab snacks from a vending machine. Instead you’ll probably find yourself grabbing an apple or banana, taking time to make lunch at home, and drink more water.
Your Time. Telecommuters, tell me if I’m wrong, but when you work from home, you mostly get to set your own hours. You can plan more time with your family, and do more things that you enjoy.  Plus you don’t have to rush to get ready. You could stay in your jammies if you wanted to.

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5 thoughts on “Benefits of Telecommuting {Think About It}

  1. My husband works from home most of the time. It is harder to stay focused on work because family can be distracting, but on the positive side it allows him to be more part of the kid's lives because he can go to their activities and events.

  2. You've got a great list of benefits for working from home there as well as a couple of downsides. I'm going to have to think about this next week seeing as I followed mumfection and realized that it was the wrong topic. oops. lol.

  3. Nice article! I telecommute and love it. One other aspect is an overall "work-life balance" – I actually work for that helps job seekers find flexible work, and there is a lot of industry data on work life balance and the resulting freedom/flexibility which is very interesting, and includes some of the points you mention as well. Another very big topic as it relates to telecommuting is the environmental aspect as it save son pollution from traffic, etc. One other benefit, although it also has some opposite views, is work productivity. The majority say workers are more productive but some argue that they are not. Overall, telecommuting has a thumbs up from me! 🙂

  4. Your perspective on the question of whether telecommuting reduces road congestion is valid and provides a realistic analysis of the current state of teleworking. You’re right that while there is an increasing number of people working from home, there are still many jobs that require employees to commute to their places of work. The benefits you mention, such as saving money, multitasking, eating healthier and having more control over your time, are all commonly cited advantages of telecommuting. It’s true that the ability to set your own hours can allow for a better work-life balance.

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