Berry Water {Foodie Friday}

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This week I thought I’d bring you a very simple and healthy drink. We’re nearing the end of summer, and the hot days, but for these last few days of heat, this drink is very refreshing.
Berry Water
Frozen Berries
Fill a pitcher up with water. Toss in your choice of frozen berries. I used some strawberries and blueberries that I had purchased fresh and then froze in plastic baggies.  As you drink this the berries slowly unfreeze, and then you have some yummy berries at the end of your drink.
This did have a slightly bitter taste, so if you were to use these same berries, I would suggest some fresh lemon slices as well.

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5 thoughts on “Berry Water {Foodie Friday}

  1. It's not my recipe but I saw it on pinterest. You just add lemon, cucumber, and mint to water and it's supposed to help you with weight too. I've tried it and it doesn't taste too bad and it seems to help a little with a healthy diet. I can only drink for a few days and then I have to take a break because too much citrus gives me canker sores.

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