The Local Dish: Best Breakfast Places in Carmel, Indiana

Get the local dish on the best breakfast places in Carmel, Indiana

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The Local Dish: Best Breakfast places in Carmel, Indiana What is the best breakfast?

It’s been my goal this year to introduce my kids to breakfasts that aren’t cereal. The problem is cereal is just so easy, and they all really love it. I, however, do not enjoy cereal all the much.

In an effort to find inspiration, and a need to get out of my house more, I started meeting up with my sister in law for brunch after the kids went off to school. We’ve found some pretty great breakfast places, and have a whole list of more to try. 

If you happen to find yourself traveling through Carmel, Indiana and could use a bite to eat for breakfast, may I suggest you check out one of these places? They all have a little something different to offer but each left us satisfied that we had eaten well. 

#1 Eggshell Bistro: Globally Inspired Brunching

Open Wed-Fri: 7am-1pm Sat-Sun: 7am-2pm
Located at 51 W. City Center Drive

The best breakfast place in Carmel, Indiana

I know I said these were in no particular order, but I lied. If you can only pick one place to eat Breakfast while visiting Carmel, don’t pass up on Eggshell. It is pricey, and the portions are small, but every bite is worth every penny. 

The first time I went, the strata’s looked like the best bang for my buck – I was adjusting to the sticker shock.

Best breakfast place in Carmel? Eggshell  

Upon my return visit, I decided to enjoy the ham and cheese tart. I can’t begin to describe how it tastes. Every layer is distinct, but blends with each other like nothing I’ve ever had before. 

Grab a ham and cheese tart from Eggshell bistro, the best breakfast place in Carmel, Indiana

When visiting Eggshell, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to just relax, and savor the experience. The smooth jazz playing in the background, along with the hip decor add one extra layer to the breakfast experience that I have yet to be seen matched.

#2 Bub’s Cafe

Open Sun-Sat: 7am-2pm
Located at 220 2nd St SW

Bubs Cafe in Carmel, Indiana is one of the best breakfast places around.

If you’re looking for a relaxed, family-friendly breakfast hot spot, Bub’s Cafe is your go-to place! The first time I experienced Bub’s was while my parents were visiting one spring. 

My Dad ordered a California Scramble but exchanged the english muffin for sourdough bread. He couldn’t stop talking about his breakfast the rest of the trip. Periodically I’ll bring it up in an effort to convince him to move out here. While the California scramble is no longer listed on the menu, I talked with the chef who said he keeps all the ingredients on hand and will make it for anyone who orders it.

Speaking of the chef. At Bub’s you get a family friendly, personal experience. On our recent visit, the executive chef came out to speak with us before we even ordered. He jokingly said to order whatever we wanted, but he might make us whatever he felt like making. 

Cafe Ranchero from Bub's Cafe satisfies your spicy runny egg craving.

We moved from the jokes to a discussion on what I was in the mood for – something spicy and runny eggs – to what on the menu would satisfy those cravings. The Cafe Ranchero didn’t disappoint. It took me a bit to figure out how to eat it, but once I got going – delicious!

On our way out, we ordered 6 of Bub’s Holes – the biggest donut holes you’ll ever find – to go. Between the cinnamon and sugar, glazed, powdered, and chocolate there will be something for everyone.

Fresh made donut holes from Bub's Cafe.

#3 Wild Eggs

Open Mon-Fri: 6:30am-2:30pm Sat-Sun: 7am-3pm
Located at 1438 W Main St.

The first time I attempted to eat at Wild Eggs was after the longest run I had ever completed – a 10k. It appeared the whole city of Carmel was trying to do the same. This worked out, as our next choice that day was the Eggshell Bistro. 

When we went back to Wild Eggs, the place was almost empty, though had a decent stream of patrons coming and going. I chalk it up to being a weekday around 10, instead of a Saturday around 10. 

Wild Eggs is a must try breakfast place in Carmel, Indiana

When looking over the menu, I was pleased with the fun names each dish was given. My sister in law and I were both eyeing the same 2 dishes. So what did we do? We ordered both and then split them between us. 

The Mr Potato Head Casserole was absolutely amazing. The sauce paired with the potatoes and runny eggs was a culinary delight for my taste buds. I honestly would have licked this plate clean if that was socially acceptable.

#4 First Watch: The Daytime Cafe

Open Sun-Sat: 7am-2:30pm
Located at 1950-15 E. Greyhound Pass

Located in the same strip mall as our local Walmart, I thought it was an interesting place to open a cafe. I also knew one day I’d go try them out. 

I honestly thought it was more like a small hip place for college types to hang out, so I was surprised when walking in that they are really more like an IHOP or Denny’s. Now at the time, I didn’t know how local First Watch is, but it appears to have many locations throughout the country. So if you’ve been to one before, yay! If not, come check out Carmel’s!

I tried the Baconado, which is a basic omelet stuffed with bacon and avocado. It was a delicious breakfast, and one I knew I could recreate at home, but wouldn’t because they make it so much better. 

On the other side of the table was a Farmhouse Skillet, which was my second choice. I was told by good authority that it was also delicious.


#5 Cafe Patachou: A Student Union for Adults

Open Mon-Fri: 7am-3pm Sat-Sun: 8am-3pm
Located at 5790 E Main St

Let’s just take a moment and say this name a few times. It rolls off the tongue, and quite frankly is fun to say. This fits perfectly with the lively atmosphere inside the cafe. 

At Cafe Patachou, you can build your own omelet. This is a nice way to enjoy breakfast exactly the way you like it. Switch out the sides for salad, potatoes, bacon or fruit and enjoy different bread options as well! 

What I really love about this breakfast place, though, is their commitment to the community through the Patachou Foundation. The foundation serves healthy meals to food-insecure children. Everything is cooked in their kitchen and served by volunteers. This is a restaurant I can continue to support. 

Now I love eggs, but I figure you may not all enjoy them. Goodness knows my kids hate them. If that’s you, you’ll probably love the Croissant French Toast. A huge croissant, covered with powdered sugar, and pecans, and served with a side of maple syrup and fresh fruit. It is a delicious alternative to breakfast eggs. 

Where is the best breakfast in your town?!

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    You wouldn’t find a better grill house restaurant with Korean cuisine and Asian fusion food.

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