How to Have Big Conversations in Little Moments

Tips for parents on having Big Conversations in Little Moments. ad

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Tips for parents on having Big Conversations in Little Moments. ad

Venice is turning 11 this year. Over the past year I’ve had to come to terms with my child not being such a child anymore. I have always wanted to be the parent who was open with her kids so they knew they could talk to me about anything. So I started talking with Venice at an early age. I tried to force a bond with a perceived notion in my head, and it did not work. 

Initially, I was met with “Stop talking Mom.” So I tried again the next year and the next. Finally, I realized I was doing no good. I was trying to turn what seems like a big conversation into a big moment. What I needed to do was find little moments to have the Big Conversations. 

These are my tips discovered through trial and many errors. It’s the little moments that kids will open up. It’s through many little moments that kids will feel comfortable enough to talk to you about anything on their mind. From changing bodies and navigating friendships to their deepest dreams and fears. 

Be Present

In recent months one of the things I’ve heard a few times from my kids is “You were busy doing xyz and I didn’t want to bother you.” It always makes me feel so bad. One of the best ways to avoid this is to always be present. This takes a conscious effort on my part. It doesn’t mean inserting myself into everything they are doing, but rather make myself available anytime they need. You never know when they’ll want to talk about something big. If I can’t stop what I’m currently doing I always make it a point to find them as soon as I’m done.

Be present during the Little Moments and you'll find yourself having Big Conversations. ad

Don’t force the conversation

Start by asking your kids about their day. Who are they playing with at recess? Who did they sit with at lunch? What kind of books/toys/movies are their friends talking about? These seemingly simple questions I’ve found bring out the big conversations. I’ve learned of friendships gone awry, new interests in toys, dream vacations, and the fears of what growing up mean. Ask the questions, then sit back and just listen. 

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Share a Treat

Everyone needs to eat, and kids love a treat. Pulling something out to snack on during little moments in their day and suddenly they’ll start talking. My favorite little moments are right after school, during homework time, driving in the car, and when all the other kids are in bed. The kids especially love having some little moments with just Mom when normally they should be asleep.

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  1. We have had a lot of big conversations this year with my 12-year-old. So important to not for the conversations and let them flow naturally.

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