HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures Review – Best gifts of 2011

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HEXBUG Micro Robotic CreaturesA big Thank YOU to HEXBUG for sponsoring the Best Gifts of 2011 Event here on Home Maid Simple.
We received a HEXBUG Hive Habitat Set and 2 HEXBUG Nano’s for review. Princess C was the only one home with me when the package came, and she was so excited to play with these bugs.  Watch the video I took to get a feel for these robotic bugs and the joy they can bring to your child!

Of course as soon as her sisters got home she had to show off the cool “bugs” and their tricks.  We’ve played with the Hive Habitat and Nano bugs almost every day since we’ve received them in the mail. The girls could spend hours watching them, chasing them with their hands, and laughing when they flip onto their backs. 
– The kids enjoyed them and kept them entertained indefinitely. The main thing I look at from a toy. I like nothing less than a toy that is played with for one day and then forgotten about. The HEXBUG toys will not disappoint!
– Easy clean up! The Hive folds up and has a wonderful carrying handle. Plus the Nano bugs fit inside too!  I’m pretty sure we’ll be bringing this to a couple playdates this holiday season, and to the family parties.
– Many different parts, so you can rearrange the Hive for new fun each time!
– They’re tough! The HEXBUG Hive and Nano’s are for children 3+. We let Princess R (1yr) enjoy as well under supervision. Between the 3 Princesses I thought we’d have a “dead” Nano on our hands day 1. But we didn’t. Princess R did manage to suck on one for a little, but with some gentle tapping it came back to life, and hasn’t been a problem since.
– Learning tool.  My kids hate bugs, really I’m not kidding. They like to look from a distance, but never too close, and certainly never touch them. The Nano’s allow my kids to view bugs up close, and watch how they react.  My personal opinion is that they really act like live bugs. I was very pleasantly surprised!  The Nano’s come in different variations, each one named after Scientists. You can also register them online for more bug fun!
– I think my biggest complaint, is that they are loud. The vibrating on the plastic isn’t the most appealing sound. But, I will gladly block it out while my children enjoy so much fun!
– small parts. I’m sure this is why there is a 3+ age rating on this toy. I only wish I had a better way to store all the flags and pegs.
The HEXBUG Nano Hive Habitat is available for purchase nationwide in major retailers, as well as online at www.hexbug.com with a MSRP of $34.99
The HEXBUG Nano’s are also available nationwide or online at www.hexbug.com with a MSRP of $5.99.
OR you can enter to win your own HEXBUG Nano Habitat right here! Head over to this post and enter on the rafflecopter form. 

*I was provided with a HEXBUG Hive Habitat and 2 extra Nano’s for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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