Birthday Bash {Giveaway}

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Today is my 26th birthday.

I had big plans for today.

They pretty much all fell through. 

Isn’t that how it always happens?  I wanted to do a lot of baking with the kids today, but once I got everything ready, I realized I didn’t have enough sugar.  Not even for one simple recipe. I would have run to the store when I made this discovery, but baby Prince was already down for his nap. I have the motto, Let a sleeping baby sleep.  So I waited. As I sat down to write this post baby Prince woke up.  So I am feeding him while writing…how’s that for some multi-tasking?

Once he’s done eating here we’ll head to the store for some sugar, and I think some Wendy’s for lunch. My special birthday treat to the kids (and because who wants to do that kind of cooking on their birthday?  not me!). 

As soon as we get back home we’ll get to some baking.

Yummy yummy! My birthday treat to me
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam anyone? I really enjoy canning, so I’m making time for it today!
Jam slathered on a scone, yum!

I was then going to make a Chicken Cordon Bleu Stromboli, but Mark’s brother and his family are still in town, so we decided to get together with them for a little barbeque. 
Until my plans got changed (and really it’s not a bad thing, I enjoy spending the day with family), the morning was going pretty good. I got up and did my morning scripture reading with baby Prince. Then I took a quick nap on the floor next to him. When the Princesses got up we had cereal and a tropical smoothie (not my best, but it was decent). I also snuck in a pilates work out, and got the laundry going.  While I gave Prince his morning feeding I also read some more from The Gatekeeper: Book 2 in the Marenon Chronicles (my new FAVORITE book series!). 
Now what would a birthday bask be without some presents?  Do you remember my PenFactory Review?  I got these awesome tote bags, and I am giving one away today! But I don’t want to give you an empty bag. So one lucky reader will get a tote bag with a book to read: Shaman Friend Enemy by M Terry Green.
How do you enter this giveaway?  Easy Peasy! Just leave me a birthday comment 🙂
Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents. A winner will be chosen Saturday June 9th by

10 thoughts on “Birthday Bash {Giveaway}

  1. Happy Birthday! My 27th is on Wednesday, and the last few years, my birthday has never gone as planned either, so this year, I chose to make no plan 🙂 I hope the rest of your day went fantistically!! <3

    1. Well Happy Birthday tomorrow Dani! Maybe it's the 27th birthday, and I'll just not make a plan next year on mine, lol. Mark surprised me with an ice cream cake and a book I was wanting.Then we spent the evening with family, very relaxing.

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