Birthday letter to Prince L

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Heavy Heavy Hangover
Thy Poor Head
What I wish for You
Is a BUMP on the Head

Dear Prince L, 

Two years ago today I was holding you in my arms, a small little bundle of wonder. Our baby and our first boy. Over the past two years you have brought so much joy into our home. Lots of people said you looked like an old man as a baby, but you’ve definitely grown out of that stage. From your cheesy grins every time I grab the camera to your look of wonder and awe everytime we watch the trains pass our apartment – I am reminded that this is a time for joy, laughter, love, and wonder. I hope I can continue to bring those aspects into your life, and that you will hold on to them forever.

A few tidbits I want to remember from this stage in your life

  • You love sleeping in Mom and Dad’s bed. Sometimes when you wake in the night, and I go in to hold you all you have to say is “Da – ankie”, and I know you want to lay by dad with your blankie. You always go right back to sleep as I lay you down between us. 
  • You love Keys. We had to hang them up high just to keep them out of your reach…but sometimes I give in and let you run around with the mail today. 
  • And tools. You are crazy about Dad’s tools. It doesn’t matter we bought you a kid sized tool bench with toy tools, you just want Dad’s. You’ve even managed to bypass the locking system on some of his plastic bins. Smart boy!
  • And Food. I’m seriously considering a padlock for the fridge, and chairs bolted to the floor (ok maybe not the chairs). I have a hard time keeping up with your growling stomach, despite trying to keep the fridge stocked with easy snacks. 
  • You love your sisters, but sometimes, you just want your space. Usually first thing in the morning, and after naps. You’re happier once you’ve eaten. 
  • You don’t like loud noises – including your sisters. If you think something is going to be loud, you will cover your ears and just repeat “Loud” to anyone who will listen to you. 
  • Our bedtime routine is very important we sing “sky” which is your name for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, then we sing Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam so you can get in some last minute giggles before bed, and then you curl your head into my shoulder with your little hands folded as we say a prayer together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Buddy boy, I love you so much. I wish these days never ended, and we could spend them all at the park going down the “lide” and watching “panes” fly over head. So I’m taking this time to commit to you more days outside, more hugs, and lots and lots of fun!

With all my Love, 
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2 thoughts on “Birthday letter to Prince L

    1. Thanks Diane. I wish I had started writing these letters a lot sooner with my girls. But I've learned not to overlook the small things anymore.

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