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Has Blogging become more Influential than Broadcast Media?
As a blogger, I would love to say yes, because that would mean people come seeking what I write. They want to know my thoughts, how I felt about a product.  They would be looking to me for news and facts and truth.
But I don’t think this is the case. I still think most people are influenced by Broadcast Media first, and use blogs as the way to back up their feelings. I mean, think about it. Every news station has their website, and most have added blogs now as well. Is that their main source of broadcasting though? No the blog is a 2nd, a backup, a stand in to add to what they’ve already put in their Broadcast Shows.
Live with Kelly and MichaelTake for example, yesterday. I blogged about this new Deo Perfume Candy. Shortly before I had blogged about it, the Kelly and Michael  show (by the way, where did Regis go?) aired – and guess what, they were talking about the Deo Perfume Candy! Do you want to know what happened after their show? Amazon sold out of the Candy! Literally within minutes, it was gone.
Now if I had blogged about it before the show was broadcast, there’s no way Amazon would have sold out that quickly. They probably wouldn’t have sold out at all actually.
The thing is, Broadcast Media just reaches more people in the moment, influencing them right then to do something. While Blogging takes time. I don’t reach millions of people in a one hour segment. I reach thousands of people at different times of the day/week/month. Because of this alone, I don’t think blogging will ever be more influential than Broadcast Media.


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