Big Moving Event: Off Cut Studio Feature

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Today on the Big Moving Event I am featuring Off Cut Studio’s Etsy shop.
Wooden Skate GuardIn my search for fun and unique shops I came across Off Cut Studio.  Cameron is a furniture designer and cabinet maker in Toronto.  I personally love his wooden bike fenders and Wooden skate guards.  Aren’t those just cool!  Too bad I haven’t been able to get the hubster out skating with me ever. Maybe this next winter will be my lucky one.
I sent Cameron a questionnaire, and here are his responses.  

BME: What is your name?
OCS: I go by Cam or Cameron… no preference really. I live in Toronto with my girlfriend (touchthedutch on etsy) and one cat (no etsy shop yet). I love city life and couldn’t imagine it without my bike.

BME: How did you get started?
OCS: I got into woodworking about five years ago when I first moved to Toronto. So many people here put their old broken furniture out by the curb. For some reason I couldn’t stop myself from taking it home with me and trying to do something with it. Since then I became a cetified furniture maker and now work full time building furniture, cabinets, and making things for etsy.

BME: Do you have a favorite piece in your shop?
OCS: Not particularly… it’s usually my most recent item.

BME: What motivates you?
OCS: The enjoyment I get from designing things… and it doesn’t hurt that wood is such a lovely median to work with.

BME: What is your decorating style?
OCS: street furniutre…

BME: Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?
OCS: It’s imposible to choose one over the other

BME: What’s your favorite season?
OCS: Winter stinks! I love everything outside of the December through February.

BME: Do you listen to music while you work? What is your favorite genre?
OCS: To one side of my studio my neighbour likes to play bad eighties pop music, on the other side my neighbour likes to listen to bad electronic dance music. I usually just run my machines to dry and drown these offending sounds out.

Take a minute of your time and go visit Cam at his etsy shop: Off Cut Studio!  I’m loving this wooden sugar bowl!
wooden sugar bowl

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