Big Moving Event: Ostlund Custom Works Etsy Feature

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I spend a lot of time on Etsy, dreaming of things I’d like to buy and getting inspiration for my own handmade items.  I Love Etsy!  Through some blog hops I have found many etsy shops I like, but none caught my eye like Ostlund Custom Works did.  I mean, just look at this clock!  The styles, the colors, and the size (4 FEET tall!!) I would love to have that hanging on my wall!  Think of the conversations that this clock would spark!  I got a wonderful opportunity to “chat” (read: email) with the creator of Ostlund Custom Works.  With that, here is what he had to say!
HMS: What is your name?
OCW: Ron Ostlund Jr

HMS: Tell us a little about yourself
OCW: Well I am pretty  much a regular guy working a full time job in retail and a part time job at a greenhouse.  I have a wife and a new baby, our first child!  His name is Liam Alexander Ostlund and is quite the little bundle of joy.  I work my part time job to try and support my art when my art doesn’t support itself!  I am a fitness and nutrition nut and more specifically a mountain biker with plans to go back to racing this summer.  I love being creative and building amazing art out of “junk”.

HMS: How did you get started?

OCW: I first started Ostlund Custom Works back in 2005 with big ideas and dreams.  Those fell on their face when I didn’t sell anything in years.  I did however hold on to the dream somewhere in the back of my mind.  It’s one of those things that you bring up every now and then with the far away look…..”someday I am going to build that piece of furniture”…..”someday I will design furniture for the rich and famous.”  I know everybody knows what I am talking about, we all have those ideas and dreams.  The biggest thing is to act on them and not give up! 

 Back in April 2010 my good friend Candy told me about and I was very interested in giving it a try!  So I set up a shop and pulled out all my old work from 2005, I dusted it off and listed it.  Then I went full bore and started building like crazy, deciding it was time to “do or die” and make this thing called OCW work! 

HMS: Do you have a favorite piece?
OCW: My favorite piece is the Photonic Aura Generator lamp because it’s such a beast and received a lot of attention. I could have easily sold it 10 times over and for much more than it went for, but it is a one-of-a-kind piece of art and the owner is very happy with it, which makes me happy. It is a piece that commands attention with its very presence yet has a calming effect because of its soft glow.  I actually miss it!

HMS: What motivates you?

OCW: What really motivates me is to actually make what I do work as a success.  I want to show myself, as well as others that I can make it happen!  I also want to be able to make a living at it to allow my wife to be a stay at home mom.  I have big dreams and I am very driven to make this one happen! It’s a ton of work but it seems it is starting to snowball on me!  After coming this far in less than a year I feel very fortunate and really ready to take on the world. 

HMS: How would you like to see your product used?

OCW: My product is a combination of fine art and function.  I build them with the intent that they will be used in everyday life and become one with the owner while still making them look at it in awe.  I love art that has function, although I do like paintings and own several.  So when you buy a piece of my work I intend it to be used whether it is to light a space,  provide ambiance, or to tell time.  I personally don’t use my clocks to tell time. I use them as kinetic sculptures  and  feel that time is secondary to the form and how it makes you feel. ART should move you!

HMS: What is your decorating style?

OCW: Well I don’t really have a definite style in my house, I will just say its modern with no particular style. When I get to building more of my own decor and not selling it then I will say its “My Style” 

HMS: Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?

OCW: I really prefer outdoors, I love the elements!  Indoors is fine but its a stagnant space as compared to the ever changing energy of “outside” 

HMS: What’s your favorite season?

OCW: Summer is my favorite because of cycling.  I love hanging out with my riding friends and just riding in general.  Like I said above I want to get back to some racing this summer.  

HMS: Do you listen to music while you work? What kind?

OCW: This is a good question that no one has asked me yet.  I have to listen to music when I create!  I want alot of energy flowing when I build.  I listen to rock/metal music when I am in the shop.  The harder the better and I listen quite loud!  The amount of energy I put into my work goes with it to the new owner. The energy of the piece is greater than the sum of the individual pieces in it.  It has a new life as something much greater.  Music is powerful and I use it to channel my life force into every piece I build.
Thank you so much Ron for being a part of our Big Moving Event!  We can’t wait to see all you create!
You can find Ron in many places

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