Book Review: The Deliverer by Jason D Morrow

The Deliverer by Jason D Morrow. Book 1 in the Marenon Chronicles

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The Deliverer: Book One in the Marenon Chronicles
Author: Jason D Morrow


About the book: After a series of strange events, Silas Ainsley realizes that he is not a normal seventeen-year-old.  In his journey to escape from two mysterious headhunters, Silas discovers his life and death are key to saving an entire world, called Marenon, from darkness and destruction. The only way to get to Marenon is to die, and Silas has just arrived.

My thoughts: Just reading the synopsis has me intrigued. Another life after you die, where a whole world of humans and other races exist, sounded thrilling. Once I started reading, I thought it might not be as exciting as I hoped. It felt very much like it was going to be a “boy” book. It opens with Silas and his grandfather on the run in a pick up truck, while being shot at. Their only defense being 2 shots left in a shotgun. 
Don’t let the beginning of this book fool you. It quickly picks up the pace, and the adventure really begins when Silas finds himself in Marenon. I could hardly put the book down, and read through it pretty fast. I felt the characters were well developed, a plot substantially made, and a desire for more planted firmly!

Marenon itself became a real land to me. I felt the author took your classic fantasy’s like Lord of the Rings, and made them more accessible to real life. A world stuck between life and death. You can only get there by dying, and not everyone gets to go!  Why do some humans re-awake in Marenon? What happens when you die in Marenon?

As for the story – Will Silas be able to bring peace to this world between worlds? Will the races join together in peace, or battle to extinction?
I can not wait to get my hands on Book 2!

I am extremely impressed with Jason’s writing. He is self publishing, and I find that impressive. I’ve read self-published books before, and I can always tell. Not with this one. The quality is overall wonderful. There were some minor errors throughout, but from a self-published book, these were very minor.

About the Author: Jason D Morrow graduated with a degree in journalism in 2009 and has worked for various publications since then. A writer and educator, Jason is married and currently resides in Gwangju, South Korea.

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