Book Review: Feeding the Dragon

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Feeding the Dragon: A Culinary travelogue through china with recipes

By Mary Kate Tate and Nate Tate

My thoughts: I LOVED this book! Looking at the cover and title was good enough for me to want to pick it up. I have a few other cookbooks that are country specific with some history in them, but they were fairly boring to read.  When I Feeding the Dragon arrived in the mail, the cover told me this was going to be different, and it was!

Mary Kate and Nate take you right to the heart of China! You get to see the real culture, people, and the history that surrounds them.  The photography in the book is also stunning. While reading about the culture, I really felt like I was right there with them!  Of course, I probably would’ve died from feral dogs, while Mary and Nate made an escape, but if I had made it, I’d be carrying a branch with me too!  While reading I felt very connected to the Hakka people.  Their homes are built around a central room used for all types of family gatherings, and they have strong focus on the family. What I really loved, though, is how they competely included Mary Kate and Nate and treated them as more family.  It’s what I want my home to be – a place anyone can come and feel like family. 
Thank you Mary Kate and Nate for this trip to the heart of China, without having to leave my couch.  You have inspired me to search out the heart of the country when I travel (….if I travel…someday I’ll be a world traveler…you’ll see!).

I have yet to try any of the recipes from this stunning book, but I have my eye on 4 that will be going on our menu very soon!  Youtiao Fried Dough Stick which apparently are like doughnuts, Farmhouse Omelet a very simple dish, Chicken Lettuce Cups because I love the ones at PF Changs, and Mango Pudding because the name accompanied with the picture is just irresistable!

While browsing the web, I also came across Mary Kate and Nate’s BLOG! Yeah, I love blogs, so I’m very excited to add their’s to my reading list.  You can purchase their book Feeding the Dragon, through their website or by clicking the picture below!

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