Book Review: I Believe In You

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I Believe in You, Marianne Richmond, Hardcover

Book: I Believe In You by Marianne Richmond

About the Book: This is a Children’s picture book. It takes all the small things we parents believe our kids can do while growing up, and plays it out for our kids. “Whether it’s sunny or stormy, Whether you’re happy or blue, I’m here to say, without a doubt that I believe in you”

About the Author: Marianne Richmond is an inspiration! When she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, she started hand painting greeting cards.  Soon she was getting many orders for her cards, and created a small business Watercolor Works.  In 1997 Marianne decided to try writing a children’s book.  She is now the author and illustrator or many children’s books.

I Believe In You Review:  I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read it with Princess V (age 5) the moment we got it in the mail.  As I read each page, all I could think was, YES I do Believe in YOU! As Marianne says, Growing up is hard but we believe in our kids ability to make it past the bumps.  One of Princess V’s favorite lines is “I believe in your stand up truth”. On this page there is a little girls hiding behind a couch that has been covered in crayon.  Princess V thoroughly took this to heart, and later that day I found her coloring all our walls purple. It has been YEARS since Princess V colored on the walls, and when I asked her why she did it, her response melted my heart
-“Mom, I believe in my mistakes, and my……..”
-“Your stand up truth?”
-“Yeah my stand up truth because I make mistakes”
 Awe, how could I be mad at her, when she had learned such an important lesson? Ever since bringing this book into our home, when I have to ask my kids who did something, like coloring on walls, hitting, pushing, taking toys, etc. Princess V always waits a bit, but then tells me “Mommy I’ll tell the truth. It was….” And most of the time it has been her. Whether it really was her or not, I appreciate her wanting to make things right and taking the consequence (simple time outs, apologizing) for doing wrong.

I’d like to thank you Marianne for this book, and the many others you have written, and may (hopefully) still write. Your story is inspiration to follow our dreams, and your books have become an extension of that.

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