Book Review: Shaman, Friend, Enemy

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Shaman, Friend, Enemy
An Olivia Lawson Techno-Shaman Novel Book 2
About the Author´╗┐: “M. Terry Green is a full-time writer, former archaeologist, and budding minimalist. For more information about her and Livvy’s techno-shaman universe, please visit” (from amazon’s website).  You can read more in depth about Terry and in her own words on her website.
About the Book: Shaman, Friend, Enemy is Book 2 in a Techno Shaman series. Reading Book 1 is not neccesary to understand the events of Book 2. Terry has provided enough back story throughout Book 2 to help the reader understand what is going on. In Book 2, Olivia Lawson, the Lightening Shaman is faced with her personal challenge with her mom, and a broader challenge of keeping the Multiverse in balance with the world. With the help of her friends Olivia takes on these challenges, and learns more about herself, her shamanic powers, and the lives of those around her. 
My thoughts: I greatly enjoyed this book. It was a nice way to spend my day in the hospital just reading and caring for the new Baby Prince.  Shaman, Friend, Enemy is an easy read, with a plot simple to follow. I felt there were some parts that didn’t quite make sense to me, and were never fully resolved, but perhaps there’s a book 3 coming out.  Overall, this was a great read from a self-published author.  There was a little language, but not too bad.

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