Book Review: Storee Wryter Gets a Dog

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Title: Storee Wryter Gets a Dog
Author: Barbara Carducci

About the book (from Amazon):  Storee’s ideas for her writing often come from her many adventures. And when her friend, Kyria, talks her into getting a new puppy, Storee gets some great ideas for her next book while she and her cat, Critique, have fun watching her puppy learn to become a trained therapy dog. Join Storee as she learns to train her puppy to be helpful and soothing. Watch as Storee visits a classroom of special needs children, using her dog to reach out. And have fun with Storee as she gains new experiences certain to help her create her next bestseller! But most important of all, find inspiration for your next masterpiece as you read Storee Wryter Gets a Dog.

My Opinion: I enjoyed reading this book to my girls. It would be a great book for young readers to learn about training dogs, as well as starting the imagination for their own stories. After we finished reading it, I asked Princess C (3 years old) to tell me a story. She made up a cute story about a mom named “Andelina” who was a princess and then a queen.  With more stories like this one, we can help our kids look inside themselves to find their creativity. At the end of the book there has been space left with 2 writing prompts to get children creating their own story. I love when books go a little beyond being just a good story, to help kids succeed and progress!

You can purchase a copy of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog from The Young Voices Foundation, a mentoring program for young writers, K-12,, Barnes and Noble, and on

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