Book Review: What I’ve Learned So Far part II

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What I’ve Learned So Far Part II
Angels, Chimps and Tater Mitts
by Mike Ball
About the Book: Once you step into the strange and irreverent world of Erma
Bombeck award-winning humorist Mike Ball, you won’t want to leave. Like that
cool neighbor who doesn’t seem to mind the kids cutting through his yard, Mike
invites you sit a while and chat on the front porch. He shares his family, his
life, and his screwball sense of humor in intimate snippets that sometimes give
you a peek at his “sensitive side.”
He banters about eggnog, pirates,
plumbing, pets, speedboats, Bill O’Reilly, Snow Days, Craigslist, dogs, cats,
seagulls, beer, hot sauce, Japan, football, turkeys, and guitars. He can have
you laughing with him one moment, then wiping away tears in the next
So if you’ve ever spent a sleepless night thinking about the
pivotal role Tater Mitts are destined to play in our modern world, you need to
read this book.
If you’ve ever wondered why a woman would want her hair
to smell like pomegranate, rather than something that would interest a man (like
bratwurst) you need to read this book.
If you’ve ever marveled at how a
columnist can seemingly maintain focus and professional discipline in the face of
a boatload of friends taste-testing beers of all nations, you need to read this
If you’ve ever considered how a guardian angel might feel about
being assigned to take care of a guy who is a total jerk, you need to read this
About the Author: Mike Ball has been making a living as a writer for more than 35 years. He has written and published hundreds of essays revealing his sharp-witted insights into life and the human condition. His syndicated column, “What I’ve Learned So Far…” is a favorite of readers all around the world. He won the 2003 Erma Bombeck Award and was a finalist in the 2011 Robert Benchley Award. He is also founder and Executive Director of Lost Voices, a nonprofit group that conducts song writing and performing workshops with incarcerated kids.
My Thoughts:  I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mike Ball’s second book and now want to find part 1 to read. I had never heard of Mike Ball or his humor column “What I’ve Learned So Far” before picking up this book. Mike has a great sense of humor. Although I didn’t particularly care for some of his humor, I think there’s a little something for everyone’s level in this book. I especially enjoyed anytime he talked about his non profit Lost Voices. I think Mike’s work with those kids, to help them find a voice is wonderful. He sets a good example for the rest of our society.
The book itself was very clean. A few political jokes here and there, but easily skipped over if you don’t care for his opinion on that topic.
You can learn more about Mike and his books at his website

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