Can you live on $1.50/Day?

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Could you do it? How would you spend that $1.50 every day if it’s all you had? Would you walk to work, or forgo eating? Maybe all you could afford is a loaf of bread – and perhaps you aren’t working because you can’t afford to get to work. 
That is the reality facing 1.2 Billion people today.
So could you do it? Would you do it to raise awareness? 
Opportunity International is doing it! Kicking off this initiative is the 2nd Annual Live Below the Line Cook Off. 4 Chefs are coming together to prepare meals that cost less than $1/serving
Paul Hitalenko of Huegah 
Mariela Bolanos of Whitelodging Services/Viand Bar and Kitchen 
Christy Gaylord of Simply Plated 
Justin Hall from Fig Catering

Then starting Monday April 28th you can join the 5 day Live Below the Line Challenge to eat on no more than $1.50/day. Learn more, and see how this initiative can help those living in extreme poverty stop the cycle and start living a better life at the Live Below the Line and Opportunity International website. 
Keep up with the challenge, and stay informed
Twitter – @YAOpportunity
and #BelowtheLine
Will you take the challenge?

21 thoughts on “Can you live on $1.50/Day?

  1. When I shopped last year within the average food stamp recipent budget it was very eye opening how little and how poorly you have to eat. Fruits and vegetables were a luxury.

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