Carpet in the Kitchen? – Think About it!

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What do you love/hate about your kitchen?
I’m trying very hard to focus on the positives. I believe life just turns out better when you do that.
But there is a big Don’t Do EVER I just have to share with you.
Carpet in the kitchen.
I don’t think this should ever occur in any kitchen.
Why? The kitchen in most homes is a major gathering place. You cook and eat your meals here. You hang out as a family, playing games around the dinner table. To keep a carpet clean in a kitchen is extremely difficult. It requires daily vacuuming, and extremely careful cooking.
At one point in time there was some kind of grease spill in this kitchen. The corner by the oven is very sticky, and uncleanable. It makes me sad, really.
So please, do everyone a favor, and do not put carpet in your kitchen. Small area rugs are fine, not something I would do, but easier to care for then full on carpet. As a side note, this rule applies to bathrooms as well. Trust me, you do not want to clean carpet in the bathroom when the toilet overflows.  blech.
To end positively, I do love these old cabinets! They’re deep, and they hold a lot! I’ve got the perfect amount of drawers, which I’ve always found lacking in other homes.
Now it’s your turn! Tell us what you love or hate about your kitchen. Do you agree with no carpet in the kitchen? Or just let us know what’s on your mind today. Link up your posts below.
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5 thoughts on “Carpet in the Kitchen? – Think About it!

  1. I agree with you– no carpet in any kitchen or bathroom! I have never had carpet in the kitchen but did in a bathroom in the first house we owned. It was so hard to keep clean and eventually we were able to remodel the bathroom and got rid of the carpet and put in tile. I have to say- I would have a huge mess all the time if I had carpet in the kitchen. I am such a messy cook– I constantly drop things and we have kool-aid drips on the floor often- I cannot even imagine having to clean the carpet each time. 🙂

    Kerry from

  2. When we purchased our small farm house, there was carpet in EVERY room (including the bathroom and kitchen!). It took us 5 years to do away with the carpet, and trust me, by then, it was DISGUSTING! Countless gallons of water, tomato juice (from tomato canning), and other atrocities embedded within the fibers from a family of 10. Bleh!

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