9 Tips for Keeping Kids Rooms Clean

9 tips for keeping kids rooms clean

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If you’ve got a whole house to keep clean weekly, you know how just a few good tips can drastically alter your workload. With kids in the house, that cleaning task can sometimes seem insurmountable, but by utilizing these nine tips for keeping rooms clean, you’ll be relaxing with your feet kicked up in a clean house in no time.

9 Tips for Keeping Kids Rooms Clean

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Along with these tips, spending a little time making some efficiency and organization changes to your home can also help shorten the time your family spends cleaning your home each week. 

Get Your Kids Involved

Get kids involved in cleaning their room.

While sometimes it may be tempting to simply clean the room as you see fit, rather than trying to cajole your junior family members, getting the kids involved from the very beginning is key. After all, it is their room, and getting buy-in from the start will only help down the road. 

Giving them ownership over how their room is to be organized can help inspire them to keep the clutter at bay. If nothing else, they will know where you expect their items to be kept when not in use.

Let Them Take the Lead

Instead of trying to make decisions for your kids as far as what stays and what goes, give them the opportunity to share their vision with you. Letting them tell you about what their thoughts allows you to get a window into their world. You can then start to speak their language, giving them the sense that you are there to help.

Everything in its Place

Simply telling kids to “put something away” can imply a negative tone, and it also isn’t a definite instruction. Instead, personalize everything. Give everything in your child’s room a “home,” or place where it will live. When things are out-of-place, asking your kids to put something where it lives is a more positive and fun way of saying “clean up this mess.”

Give Them Control of Their Domain

Let kids take control of their own space.

When clearing the clutter, you may be tempted to interject and force them to hold on to certain items. A special gift, something sentimental, etc. However, having too much stuff in their room can be positively overwhelming for kids. Imagine being asked to keep a room full of stuff you don’t want and keep it organized, and you begin to get the picture. Instead, kids need to be given the ability to say what stays and what goes.

Get On Their Level

As adults, it’s not a problem to organize things wherever we find space. However, that strategy doesn’t always work for smaller people. It’s important for them to be able to access things easily and see where they are at a moment’s glance. That’s why it’s important to start at ground level and work your way up. Having organization spaces close to floor level gives your kids easy access to their things, and it also makes it easier for them to get them put away.

Keep Things Consistent

When your kid gets to school, chances are they are being asked to store their things in their cubby. So, recreate that experience at home with their own in-room cubbies.

Mirroring what happens at school can help reinforce keeping things in their place. If you put them by the door to their room, it also helps create a drop-zone where things can be put as soon as they enter their room, before they even have a chance to clutter.

Make a Game of It

Kids love games and can turn almost anything into a competition. Try to develop a fun routine in regards to cleaning and organizing rooms. A “Clean Room Club,” or counting backwards from ten as ten items are put away can also make the experience of keeping a room clean more fun.

Create Boundaries

Your child’s room is their space inside the home, so it needs to be as functional for them as possible. If the size of their room allows it, you should strive to make separate spaces within that room. There will be a temptation when organizing to move tables to walls and open up as much floor space in the middle of the room as possible. However, that lends itself to clutter.

Show Them the Way

When it comes to finding their way in the world, often children mirror the behavior of their parents. If clutter in your home isn’t a problem confined just to your kids’ rooms, it may be helpful to look in the mirror at some of your own behaviors. Take a good look at how you choose to organize your life, and apply some of the same tips we’ve gone over here to your own space inside the home.

41 thoughts on “9 Tips for Keeping Kids Rooms Clean

  1. I had a small room but I always remind my kiddie to put her things in her toy box. She played in a particular area in the living room as well and I think she’s getting organized.

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  3. Great tips! It’s a battle that is waged in millions of households across America every Saturday morning. Mom or Dad or both say, perhaps gently the first time, “Okay, guys. It’s time to clean up your rooms.” The kids whine, dawdle, get distracted, or outright go on strike. As the morning wears on, the reminders get increasingly loud and more demanding 🙂 😍😍

  4. very helpful, great tips…the most useful thing is getting kids organized. I always remind my daughter to put her things in her toy box, and now she can organized her things quickly and her small room is very tidy.

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  6. We always should keep our rooms neat and clean specially kids room. I got some awesome tips and ideas about clean up the kids room. Thanks for sharing please keep it up!

  7. If all else fails, those tall fabric containers you can hang from the ceiling will do the trick if you just want to throw everything out of site. The kids will forget about them after a while anyway!

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  9. Thank you for the tips. To be organized is a challenge for my son. I always try to make fun with the cleaning, probably I need to try more tips from your post. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I really appreciate your suggestions for keeping kids rooms clean. I have a 4-year-old and I’m constantly on the lookout for tips to help me keep the house clean and organized. I really enjoyed the list of tips and the fact that you mentioned how to get your kids involved. I’m so glad that you shared some helpful tips for keeping kids rooms clean.

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  12. I appreciate your tips to clean the room of kids and applying these tips will help shorten the time your family spends cleaning your home each week. Thanks for this great article!

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