Chargiing Station {Guest Post}

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Can you even believe how many devices in our homes have to be charged? Kindles, razors, Dongles (yes, Grandma has a Dongle!), iPods, mp3 players, and even our vacuum cleaner all run on cordless power that needs to be recharged.

I have been trying for several months to come up with a solution for the growing jumble of charging cords that we need to keep things running at our house. At first I had all of our cords wrapped neatly and stored in a basket with a lid. That created a problem, since I had to empty the basket every time I needed to charge something.

The other problem was that I didn’t have a specific place for plugging the devices in to be charged. One time when I was preparing to go away for a few days with my sisters, I had devices charging in three different rooms in the house. But that was then, and this is now.

This is a bird’s eye view of my new charging station that I set up in our den. I plugged in a power strip, and I organized and labeled all of our cords and put them in two drawers beside the power strip. This all lives on one small corner of Grandpa’s table/desk in the den.

The part of the process that took the most time was sorting and labeling the cords. When they were labeled, I wrapped them with small pony tail holders. (I keep these on hand to use in place of rubberbands.)

For labeling, I used two different sizes of white labels and a Sharpie marker.



Any cord that had a large plug that fit an electrical outlet is labeled on the plug end.
< ——————– 

For the cords with a USB plug, I folded a larger label, sticking it to itself and labeled them like this. —————–>

Now I have all of the cords in one plastic drawer right next to the power strip. This works well with my organizational rule to store all like items together.
Grandpa was so impressed with my charging station that he labeled his two device cords and put them in the drawer above mine

 We really like the way this is working for us. Whenever we need to charge anything, we know that the cord is in the den. Whenever something is charging, we know that the device is in the den. The power strip should protect us from power surges, and the light on the power strip lets us know when it is on.

I have high hopes of being able to stay organized with this new charging station set up. If you are tired of tangled or mystery cords, I recommend this method heartily!

How do you keep your cords and devices organized at your house?

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  1. Something to add. I saw on an organizing site. If the cord doesn't had room to label it on the base you can use a bread bag tie as a label, you know the those plastic tabs that you usually throw out.

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