Cherry Berry Zucchini Smoothie #V8Refreshers

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I have been on a search for the perfect smoothie blend with little to no sweetener and packed full of healthy goodness while still tasting good. When I saw the V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers in Black Cherry Berry flavor I knew it was going to be the juice base for my next smoothie. 

Mark has called my previous smoothies a “gelatinous” lump, and so stopped drinking them.  This time I was determined to get a consistency he liked and would drink. This was perfect for him, and he actually enjoyed the Cherry Berry Zucchini smoothie. Just please don’t tell him it has cherries in it, I don’t think he noticed!

The kids loved it as well and ignored the fact that there is a good bit of Zucchini in it. I loved it because I knew my kids and husband just got some awesome helpings of fruit and veggies, with no added sugars. V8 V-Fusion Refreshers first ingredient is Water and is followed up with fruit and vegetable juices. The rest of the list is short and contains all things that I can pronounce and actually know what it is. SCORE one for the health department.

For the smoothie, I did add some of my homemade peach honey which does contain sugar, but at 1 TBS of honey, there’s not a lot of added sweetener going into this zucchini smoothie. I think I’m going to continue adding  V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers to my smoothies for the extra boost of flavor and fruit/vegetable servings. Too bad my kids drank almost a whole bottle of the Tangerine Passionfruit in one meal – that would have made a pretty good smoothie base too!

Can you get any better than this? A juice made up mostly of water, homegrown zucchini, and peaches from my mom’s tree. Nope, it does not get any better!  I hope you enjoy this as much as we did. 
Cherry Berry Zucchini Smoothie
Serves 2
Get more greens in your diet with this twist on a "green" smoothie.
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  1. 1/4 cup chopped zucchini, frozen
  2. 1/2 cup sliced peaches, frozen
  3. 1/4 cup vanilla greek yogurt
  4. 10 ice cubes
  5. 1 TBS Honey
  6. 2 cups V8 V-Fusion refreshers, Cherry Berry
  1. Place all ingredients in your blender, and blend until smooth.
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 What’s your favorite smoothie?

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  1. Wow, does that smoothie look delicious! Would love for you to come share this post at my link party, Allergy Friendly Lunchbox Love. I know I'd like to find a thermos of this in MY lunchbox 🙂

    Lisa @ Allergy Free Vintage Cookery

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