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Chilanthropy – noun. The act of relaxing while being philanthropic
Chilanthropy is an eco-conscious company striving to make the world better, one candle at a time.  Founder Rey Herrerra came up with the idea of Chilanthropy when he co-hosted his friends baby-shower and made candles for all the guests.
In his own words Rey says
“I live my life eco and green. With 9 million+ neighbors every little bit counts! At home, everything possible is recycled, composted and I even keep a worm farm to eat unused food – providing fertilizer for the vegetable garden. With work, I’m doing my best to make sure that my business practices emulate my eco-conscious lifestyle. Minimal, recycled, recyclable, and compostable packaging helps offset this footprint. Eco-shipping is a little tricky – So I use green boxes and Milex packing peanuts that are made from corn and even edible!”
Not only is Rey aware of the planet and taking it upon himself to live a green lifestyle, but he is also aware of the many needs people around the world have. He has dedicated his products to make the planet better, and he uses the proceeds to donate to charities – making people’s lives better.
Some of the charities Chilanthropy supports are
When I came across Chilanthropy, I knew I needed to contact Rey. I wish I had more resources to donate to charities, but I feel I can at least do my part in spreading the word about these great companies!
Talking to Rey has been a joy. You can really feel the passion he has put behind Chilanthropy. 
Rey sent me a Mexican Hot Chocolate candle to review, and if you come back March 30th, he is offering one up as a giveaway during the Charity Hop Around the World Event.

This candle smells amazing! I had started burning it one morning, but blew it out before running some errands. Shortly after I got home, we had an unexpected visitor stop by. One of the first things they asked was “what are you cooking? It smells delicious!”  So I got to tell them I wasn’t cooking anything, it was a hot chocolate smelling candle, that hadn’t even been burning for the last couple of hours!  

Head over to Chilanthropy and browse the different candles (I’m thinking the Grapefruit/Pomegranate is next on my list).
You can buy online, or see if there is location that sells Chilanthropy candles near you.
Or you can visit Chilanthropy on Facebook

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