Childhood Frights {Think About It}

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As a child what was one of your biggest fears?
I had quite a number of fears as a child. Some I still have.
Heights. I don’t like heights. I’m not entirely sure when this fear started. And some heights are ok. Like I loved climbing trees, and the height of that never bothered me. Maybe because I felt confident climbing. I remember once we were painting our house. I was on a tall ladder propped against the house. There I was, painting the second story, when my ladder begins to shift, sliding across the house.  I remember yelling, and either it finally stopped against the corner of the roof, or one of my brothers grabbed it. It was terrifying! Other heights, with big drop offs, like bridges. They scare me. Still do.
Which brings me to my other large fright – Bridges! A couple years ago we took a family vacation to San Francisco. Mark really wanted to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. I adamently refused. It just looked too unstable, and too high up. I told him he could go drive across it, and then come back and get me, but I’d stick to the more stable, and only slightly less frightening bridge on the other side of the city.
My fear of bridges, though I still have it, was much more as a child. Even small footbridges, that crossed a trickle of water, I had issues with.
My last childhood fear I will share with you, is this. There was a man hiding under my bed with a shotgun. Truly there was! He was only there at night in the dark, and if I got out of bed, I knew he was going to get my feet. I think I may have officially been crazy. This particular fear may have stemmed from our cat that would hide under furniture and attack feet, but obviously it escalated for me.
There you have it! My childhood frights.  Now I want to know what scared you?
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2 thoughts on “Childhood Frights {Think About It}

  1. I was afraid of turtle heads all over the floor at night and alligators behind the fireplace in the living room. We had a big square, freestanding brick fireplace in the middle of the living room and I just knew there was an alligator on the other side of it! Seems silly now, but it was really scary as a child.

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