Choosing the Right Lighting

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The end is near!  We finally closed on our house just before Christmas. It has made moving a bit of a nightmare, but the house is ours, and it is time to turn it into a home.

Today I want to talk a little about lighting. Finding the right lights, creating the right mood with lights, and not over lighting or under lighting any area of your home. See I have a problem. Our new Front Room is very much under lighted. I’ve been browsing some of the Kartell lighting over at LBC Modern.

Under Lighting

Here is a snapshot of our front room (ignore Christmas…)

It’s a fairly small room, and the only lighting is that old antique light hanging from the corner – which by the way, doesn’t work. So now our only light in this room is the big picture window facing north. I mention that because the north side of the home gets the cold, and not as much sun. Leaving our lighting pretty dim here.
I want this room to be welcoming, which means it needs the right lights.  I’m thinking a bourgie table lamp next to a small couch would look pretty nice.

Kartell "Bourgie" Table Lamp
Above the shelf I would like to add some recessed can lighting as well, to spotlight any decorating I do or pictures we may hang there.
These small lighting additions would bring this room up to the perfect lighting atmosphere to be welcoming, but not overly lit or gaudy.

Over Lighting

Our new kitchen has had the opposite effect with over lighting. The kitchen is a small little space in this home (yes another remodel is on the horizon!). My current issue, however, is the overabundance of lights, and the separate switch for each one. I think I counted 3 or 4 different switches in the kitchen, and each one only turned on one single light. It’s enough to spin me in circles trying to get the right light on. There is a dining area light, an above the sink light, and a laundry light. With the way it is set up right now, the laundry light is needed. It could easily be changed, though, to have one longer light in the kitchen that would give light into the laundry side of the room and extend to the dining area. This would especially work as the dining side could use the light from the south facing window it sits next to. Again, south side of the house, you’ll be getting more sun, and therefore, don’t need as much lighting.

Use Lights to Set the Mood

Lighting truly affects our moods. The more light, especially natural light from the sun, the happier we are. I strive for joy and happiness in our home, something I think we all probably do. So I love tossing open the curtains and blinds and letting in the sun. There are some areas of a home though, that don’t get the natural lighting. Areas such as a basement. They tend to be dark. By finding the right lights, you can create a joyful area in the basement, despite its lack of sun. I would go with bright lights and soft shades for a table lamp. If the ceilings are tall enough in your basement, hanging overhead lights can give off more light than those closer to the ceiling.
If you’re creating a space for kids, though, you may want to try different colored lights. They can spark creativity and a joyful mood for your children. I personally love these Pablo Tube Lights I found. Not only would my kids love the colors, but they are also dimmable lights, so I can adjust them to just the right amount of light we need.
Pablo Designs Tube Top 14
Well, I’m off to pack some more boxes, and daydream of the future remodels in our new home. I can’t wait to show you pictures of what we do!
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3 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Lighting

  1. I just have to tell you that when the title for this post shows up on my homepage, I do a double-take every. single. time. My brain sees "Choose the Right Lightning" and all sorts of funny images flit through my mind before my critical-thinking skills kick in and I'm like, "oh, yeah, lighting. As in for rooms." Ha ha, it's been fun! :o)

  2. Congrats on your house! My house has the worst lighting I have ever experienced, it drives me bonkers! I don't envy all of the light switches in your kitchen. :/

  3. It’s my pleasure to read this blog post Choosing the Right Lighting . Your blog post is very useful. I have been looking for this knowledge for many days. I think highly of you efforts. I will come here again to check new keep posts. Thanks.

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