Cilantro and Beets – what to cook

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A couple weeks ago we went to a Home and Garden Show. I love going to these shows and seeing all the local and national home products. They give me some great ideas to share with you, and for my own home. At the last one Mark and I decided to sign up with Winder Farms.  We always debate over them because we are in love with their juice, but weren’t sure the prices were worth it.

I’ve also been thinking about signing up with Bountiful Baskets for weekly produce. Mark and I decided to start with Winder because it means I don’t have to get up early on Saturdays to go pick up my produce, since Winder delivers it directly to my doorstep. I’m still not sure the price difference is worth it, but I am pretty excited about the new produce we’re getting to try.

For example – last week we got 2 large bundles of Cilantro and today there was a yellow and red beet in the box. Two ingredients I don’t use frequently in my cooking. So what did I do? I headed to Foodie Friday and found some recipes from my favorite bloggers – You guys!

Vegan Cilantro and Black Bean Chili
I actually just made a chili last night and added cilantro to it…YUMMY!

Orange Cilantro Dressing
Lisa also shares a Southwest Chicken Salad to serve this on. 

This looks like the perfect way to try Beets for the first time.

Beets & Skordalia ~ Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen
Another simple way to prepare beets.

beet pancakes
You will never guess the secret ingredient that make these pancakes! I really want to give these a try asap.

How do you eat your beets and cilantro?

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  1. Thats wonderful that you are trying a local delivery service. It will definitely broaden your culinary horizon. I have been trying to buy something we don't usually eat once every 2 weeks.

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