Cleaning up the outdoors + My new favorite gloves

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As much as I didn’t want to move this last time, one thing that helped get me excited was the difference in climate. I love east coast climate with the humidity and all things green. You just don’t get that much green in the western US. However, it also comes with more outdoor work (which fyi, I actually prefer anyways). 

The home we’re renting is actually pretty nice. It has just what we need inside without being too large, and came with a fenced in back yard – my must have for this move. While it’s a nice home, the yard and face of the home haven’t been taken care of too well. Weeds, bushes and trees have overgrown quite a bit. 
Now admittedly, after I pulled some up, I realized they may have been an intentional ground cover – but they had to go to get to the real weeds anyways. Whatever was growing in the below picture, had snuck it’s way behind the hose faucet and pulled it away from the house – not good!
With Mark gone for training, and boxes unpacked indoors, I really want to get out and get my hands dirty in the dirt. We’ve been getting a lot of bugs in the house (another big difference between coasts, I could do without all these pests!), and I thought for sure if I could remove the overgrowth around the house, it would not only look better, but also keep the inside more bug free. 
I found these Pine Tree bamboo gloves on Amazon, and absolutely love them! Since I had no idea what kinds of plants I was pulling up, I wanted to avoid potentially grabbing something like poison ivy or oak – or touching the myriad of bugs I was working around as well. 
Seriously, these gloves are the best thing ever! I’ve avoided gloves in the past because they never seemed to fit quite right, and when gloves don’t fit, garden work is infinitely more difficult. Since the Pine Tree gloves are made out of Bamboo they are also quite soft on my hands, and still allow me to feel what I’m doing in the garden. 
Doesn’t it look so much better this way? Guess what, we’ve also seen less bugs inside! I still have a lot more to do, like cleaning out the gutters, and the driveway cracks, and cutting out some dead branches in the tree, but gosh I love outside work. 
My sister in law and I have this theory that we like outside work more because it actually stays done for longer then the inside. You know like that never ending laundry, and the tornado kids that follow behind as you try to pick up the house? Yeah that doesn’t happen outside!
Do you prefer outdoor work or inside cleaning?

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