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Clear Your Shelf May
I have so many books. SOOO many books!  I also have a very hard time getting rid of books. Thankfully I have been able to receive many books for review that I may never have otherwise picked up. I have found so many good books this way, but have also read some that I didn’t particularly care for. Then there are some that I read, enjoyed, but don’t feel the need to hand onto any longer. 
I look forward to this hop hosted by Kathy at I am a Reader, Not a Writer since it gives me the chance to clear some space, and you the chance to win some books!  Right now, I need all the space I can get too. We only have 2 bookshelves, since the rest broke in our move. I have yet to get around to replacing them, and well – I have 18 boxes of books just hanging out in my basement. Not how I like to see my books. So I’m clearing my shelf, so I can pull a few more out.  Isn’t that nice of me?
Did I get a little winded there? So sorry. Here is what ONE lucky reader will win from moi
by Layne Heymont
This is a review copy I was sent for free. I wanted to bad to delve into this book, but emotionally I couldn’t. It is strong from 2 very opposing sides. I hope whoever wins will be able to enjoy the historical content in this book, and see the view the author was trying to display in so dramatic a work.

by Charmane Hammond & Debra Kasowski
I enjoyed this book. I felt like I gained some insight into how I want my life to turn out, and what I need to do to go there. Now it’s time for someone else to map their best life!

 by Kersten L. Kelly
I read this book about a year ago. It was a very interesting read, and helps bring economics into your daily life, on a level most people can actually understand.  Read my full review.

by Sasscer Hill
I enjoyed the premise of this novel, but there was just too much horse racing talk I didn’t get, and romance and drugs for me to enjoy.

The Lake House
 by Marci Nault
I want to like this book so bad! Review will be on the blog early next week, but here’s a quick inside view – New England Lake House, living around friends and family, love and heartache. 
I’m giving this book up, because the love border lined on the not my kind of reading side. Which is too bad, because if it was just a bit cleaner, I would’ve loved this book so much.
The Path of the Fallen
by Dan O’Brien
This is a BIG BOOK! Just so you know. But a fun YA novel that explores another version on life, death and the beyond. Read my full review.

by Jasmine Winterson
This tale was just too unbelievable for me, and since it was set in modern day America, it made it that much harder to connect and believe I was in the story. Read my review.

THAT IS NOT ALL THOUGH!  The winner will also receive my very last Home Maid Simple branded Book Bag: sporting Home Maid Simple’s button and the phrase “Turning Your House Into A Home”

OPEN to US and CAN residents.

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23 thoughts on “Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop

  1. Oh!!! I love this idea! I'm the exact same as you are–sooooo many books and not even close to enough room, especially now that we're not even in our own place–normally my copies go to the library but I will have to start saving them and watch for the next one of these–will you give me a heads up if you see one? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. sure will! I think this is the 2nd one Kathy has done this year. She's my go to book blogger for hops and recommendations ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I think I'm most excited about The Lake House, but The Path of the Fallen looks like ti could be one of those surprise loves for me.


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