How To Turn Your Grown-Up Into A Robot and Other Coding Stories

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How to Turn Your Grown-Up Into A Robot and Other Coding Stories will hook your kids on this book while familiarizing themselves with the language of coding. I received a copy of these coding stories in exchange for a post. All opinions are my own. 

When I was a kid, our computer was a a bulky monitor that required ms-dos. A bit of coding language was required to go anywhere, and I even remember one game that was basically just a story of text. What we typed would determine what happened next. I remember getting a lot of errors as I wasn’t using the correct coding. 

My kids never had anything like that. Instead they are surrounded by technology, where all the coding is done behind the screens. They push some ready made buttons, and know exactly what will happen. However, I still feel it’s important they learn about coding. As the world continues to become more technologically advanced, it seems it will be required for just about any job in the future. 

From our phones to our homes, life is being run through coding, and while I fully support these advances, I still want my children to enjoy screen-free time and a chance to let their minds rest. 

That being said, I absolutely love this book from CodeSpeak. It removes the screen from coding and gets back to good old paper learning. 

I don’t know a single kid that wouldn’t love to control their parents – if even for just a little bit. Parents, get ready to engage and make your kids laugh out loud as you read How To Turn Your Grown-Up Into A Robot. The first of 3 stories in this book gets kids thinking about robots, how they’re made, and how they receive commands. 

The second story brings screens to life as kids play with the Scratch Jr Kitten, and give him a friend. Through multiple options, kids create the scene for Scratch Jr. Kitten. 

My favorite story, is Level 3: Do You love Cookies?

Maybe it’s because I love cookies. It’s probably because I love cookies. 

In the last of the coding stories, kids see the code written out. They see how it affects change in a program. From building the cookie to eating the cookie, level 3 will familiarize kids with the language of coding. 

For more coding fun beyond the book, check out CodeSpeak Labs. You’ll find how to bring more coding into your school, and kids can have fun with an Hour Of Code.


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  1. Asdelina, it’s wonderful to see a book like “How to Turn Your Grown-Up Into A Robot” that brings coding to kids in a fun, interactive way without screens! It’s an excellent way to introduce coding and nurture their problem-solving skills. Happy coding!

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