Cold Storage

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When we decided to buy this house, one thing I loved was that it ad a cold storage room.  It was all decked out with shelves and everything.  However, once we got in there, it wasn’t as appealing. Mark is pretty sure there were mice in it, and the shelves were covered in some black gooey, moldy lookinf stuff.  So we’ve been spending some spare time tearing out the shelves, and just gutting the room.

 See the black on the walls? ~shudder~
I guess this was the insulation in the walls between shelves.
Once we have it gutted and cleaned up, we have big plans for this space.  For awhile we will still use it as cold storage for all our food storage.  Eventually though, we plan on tearing down the wall from the laundry area to open this room up. We want to add some cupboards, and counters/tables around the wall for a crafting space for the kids, and easier laundry folding area.  I can’t wait until we get to that point!!

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