Purchasing the Right Mattress: A Comparison Guide of the Top Online Mattress Dealers

A detailed comparison guide of the to 3 online mattress dealers.

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So you’re in the market for a new mattress. You’ve been to your local mattress dealer, you’ve laid on all their beds, and you still aren’t sure which one to purchase. After all, how can you tell after just a few seconds laying on a mattress with a salesperson breathing down your neck?

A detailed comparison guide of the to 3 online mattress dealers.  Then you see an ad online and realize you can buy a mattress online. That begs the question, though, how can buying a mattress online be better than in person? After all, now you don’t even get to lay on it for those precious seconds to see if your body likes it. What if…what if…what if those online companies offered a free trial period that allows you to send the mattress back if you aren’t satisfied? 

Now we’re talking! See we’re in the market for a new mattress ourselves. After a thorough comparison of the top 3 online mattress dealers, we’ve made our choice – I’ll reveal what we chose at the bottom of this guide – but I want you to have the same comparison I did without all the work. Here you’ll find the price, warranty, claims, extras, shipping, and in-home trial comparisons for Purple, GhostBed, and Nectar Mattresses. Also, I would suggest reading this in-depth mattress comparison so you understand what to look for in each mattress. Then follow this deal guide for the Best Mattress Deals Online & In-Store.



Another new company you may start seeing more of, DreamCloud claims to offer the convenience of online shopping with the luxury of high-end mattresses. It’s all in the name. 

Price: $1399 for a Queen

Warranty: Everlong. As long as you own and use the DreamCloud they promise to clean and recondition if need be your DreamCloud Mattress.

Trial Period: 365 nights.

Claims: Even heat distribution, support where you need it the most, and high-density foam to ensure no movements goes unabsorbed.

Financing: Yes, with interest-free payments.

Shipping Period: 2-5 business days

Free Stuff: Free shipping and returns! Not 100% satisfied? They’ll pick it up for free, no questions asked.

Extras: White Glove Service offers mattress set up and old mattress removal. Can also puchase frames including adjustable bed frames.

Purple Mattress

purple mattress

We first came across Purple on youtube, while enjoying some StudioC with the kids. Their egg test had us hooked, and seriously considering this one to replace our 11 year old mattress. 

Price: $999 for a Queen

Warranty: 10 years. Will repair or replace. 

Trial period: Purple offers 100 nights of in-home use. If you aren’t satisfied you can return for a full refund. 

Claims: Purple claims their mattress has no pressure points. 

Financing: Yes

Shipping period: 3-4 weeks

Free stuff: Offers free shipping and a purple squishy sample. 

Extras: Seat Cushions, Pillows, Platform frame, Sheet protector, and Power Base.

GhostBed Mattress


After looking at the Purple for a couple weeks, I began seeing ads for the GhostBed. That naturally led to looking into what they offered.

Price: $795 for a Queen

Warranty: 20 years. Will repair or replace. 

Trial Period: 101 Nights of in-home use to decide if you are satisfied with it. Can return for a full refund. 

Claims: GhostBed claims it conforms to the individual body and provides optimal support. 

Financing: Yes

Shipping Period: 24 hours

Free Stuff: Shipping

Extras: Pillows, Foundation, Mattress Protector

Nectar Sleep Mattress

Queen Memory Foam Mattress

Finally, I heard about Nectar Sleep Mattress through an email from the company. 

Price: $795 for a Queen

Warranty: Nectar offers a Forever Warranty on their mattresses. That means they will repair or replace it literally forever.

Trial Period: 365 Nights of in-home use. That’s a whole year to decide if you really like the Nectar.

Claims: Stimulates airflow and wicks away heat. Bedbug resistant. Contours to your body providing pressure relief. 

Financing: Yes

Shipping: Currently backed up 2 weeks, but for the inconvenience, Nectar is offering a special discount.

Free Stuff: Shipping and Returns

Extras: Pillows. Set up. Old mattress removal.

Are you wondering which mattress we finally decided upon? Nectar Sleep had so many pros compared to the others that we couldn’t go with anyone but Nectar Sleep. The price was more in our range compared to Purple, and with a full year trial run how could we not? What really sealed the deal for me, however, was their bed bug resistant claim. We’ve never had bed bugs thank goodness, and I never want to have them. 

23 thoughts on “Purchasing the Right Mattress: A Comparison Guide of the Top Online Mattress Dealers

  1. Nice selection….and I have to agree with you, finding the perfect mattress is one of the hardest things to do. I recently bought a seemingly high quality mattress to replace a fake mattress I had bought unknowingly and although its way better compared to the old one, its not supporting my spine and pressure points. I always wake up feeling tired. Might have to try one of these as I have seen a lot of people talking positively about them.

    The warranty is also quite good!
    Melanie Green recently posted…Best Mattress for Pressure Points (Top 9 Pressure Relief Mattresses)My Profile

  2. The problem I see with online mattress retailers is that returning the mattress during the ‘trial-period’ seems super clunky.

    Once unpacked, repacking the mattress takes a ton of effort and there’s no easy way to have someone else pack it. Plus, you need to stay at home and wait for someone to come get the mattress since you can’t leave it outside on your porch.

    I suppose the same could be said about non-online mattress retailers?
    Aaron recently posted…Loft Beds – A Comprehensive GuideMy Profile

  3. There are so many options to compare nowadays. I also faced difficulties while making my bedroom more luxury with premium quality and high-end look mattress. Thanks for sharing such options to segregate my search query.

  4. How to Pick the Right Mattress – The #1 Best Buying Guide
    Realizing how to pick the right mattress is significant, and recognizing what is the best mattress for you is much more significant than you may accept.

    There are a wide range of sorts of beddings accessible, and you are likely thinking just the same as most others – what’s the distinction?

    Fortunately for you, you can discover precisely how to choose a new mattress and most significant thing to ponder.

    Table of Contents: In order for you to read about a certain section, click on your desired number choice below:

    Mattress Age
    Mattress Type
    Spending Limit
    Dozing Positions
    Body Weight
    If you are in a hurry Click here to skip to the conclusion and summary.

    How old is your mattress?
    The lifetime of your bedding assumes a major role with respect to picking another one. Generally, if your bed is more than 8 years of age it’s likely not a wrong notion to consider getting another one. Be that as it may, this standard doesn’t have any significant bearing to all beds. There are certainly some that can stretch out past 8 years and still give a similar quality presentation. The most ideal approach to make an informed decision depends on your dozing positions.

    In case you’re anxious, awakening in torment, not staying asleep from sundown to sunset, or simply don’t feel all around rested, it might be an ideal opportunity to think about supplanting your mattress.
    What type of mattress do I need?
    The kind of bedding every individual who want to pick the right mattress differs upon individual inclination. With such a large number of varieties of bedding types, as a rule this can be the hardest decision to make when it comes to how to pick the right mattress. Not to stress, beneath I have separated the most widely recognized bedding types to help make your investigation and preference somewhat simpler.

    Memory Foam
    Much the same as it sounds, these beds just comprise of memory foam. Memory foam beds are known for their extraordinary support, pressure alleviation, and body molding. Truly, memory foam has had a terrible notoriety as “resting hot”. Be that as it may, numerous more up to date further developed memory foams have been structured with better cooling properties, making a lot cooler bed than customary memory foams.

    Great For: Sleepers who need incredible embrace, body molding, form, pressure alleviation, and support. There is a wide range of foams delegated “memory foam” and not all memory foams are made equivalent. A decent choice for sleepers who need a more articulated embrace than numerous hybrids or latex beddings offer.

    Latex Foam
    Manufactured solely from latex, these beddings are known for their cooling properties and solace. Latex is known for its incredible responsiveness, solace, bounce, and cooling. this foam is one of the most sought after when it comes to how to pick the right mattress.

    Great For: Sleepers who need incredible ricochet, cooling, and responsiveness. Also, useful for sleepers who need foam, yet need to avoid the articulated embrace and form that regularly accompanies memory foam beddings.

    One of the most well-known and broadly utilized bed types. Coil (otherwise known as innerspring) beddings have at least one layers of spring coils (for the most part steel) that offer the support and solace. As innovation propels, the number, types, and layers of coils change. A bigger number of coils ordinarily implies better solace and support.

    Great For: Sleepers who need an increasingly customary coil/spring feel, incredible skip, cooling, and solid edge support.

    Falling into a variety of classifications (coil, latex, memory, hybrid, and so forth.), pillow-top beds have a layer of delicate material either stuffed or sewn into the spread. This attempts to include additional solace and pad for the sleeper.

    Great For: Sleepers who lean toward a milder and more pad comfort. In the event that you appreciate a cloud-like sort of help and solace most pillow tops will offer the best dozing surface for you.

    Developed from a mix of latex, memory, polyurethane foams, coils, and/or different materials, these beds ordinarily are intended to augment certain advantages, while additionally limiting certain cons. For instance, a latex + memory foam hybrid can convey incredible bob, cooling, and responsiveness by means of the latex, yet in addition give extraordinary weight alleviation and support from the memory foam.

    Great for: Sleepers who need the best all things considered. Extraordinary ricochet, backing, solace, and cooling. A decent all-around choice that is an excellent decision for most of sleepers.

    As the name recommends, these beds offer the capacity to change the dozing position of the bed, for the most part by raising the feet and slanting the back. A portion of these even have the capacity to vibrate, heat, as well as back rub the sleeper.

    Great For: Sleepers who have explicit requirements that would permit them to profit by an adjustable foundation. These requirements regularly originate from certain ailments, more established sleepers, snorers, incessant lower back torment, among different situations.

    What is your spending limit?
    When it comes to how to pick the right mattress, spending limit differs from individual to-individual. Only two or three years prior the main genuine choice was going in-store, which quite often implied overpaying for an average mattress or offering your first conceived kid up for an incredible bedding. The online bed industry is assisting with evolving that. With such huge numbers of organizations building extraordinary beds at reasonable and sensible costs, customers can set an unassuming spending plan and get an incredible mattress.

  5. My husband and I want to upgrade our bed from normal size to a king-size mattress and I want to know what are the different mattresses types. I found it very interesting to know how there are plenty of types of mattress, and how each will benefit you differently. I will definitely start looking for the right mattress provider near me.
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  6. If you’re looking for a mattress, be sure to check out our selection of mattresses! We have a wide variety of options to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. Our mattresses are made from high-quality materials and construction, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a great product. We also offer a 100-night trial period, so you can make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. Thank you for considering our products!

  7. Hi Adelina,
    Thanks for sharing the post and this is a good flow of information. I heard that eastern king size from traditional inner spring to memory foam or even in a box. Eastern King sized mattresses are also available in various comfort levels from extra firm to medium to plush. Would you like to recommend this for me.

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  9. Make sure to look through our mattress selection if you’re in the market for one! You will undoubtedly find the best option for you among our extensive selection. You can be confident that you’re getting a fantastic product because our mattresses are built with premium components. Thank you for considering our products!
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