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This last month I had the opportunity to review a costume from the Costume Super Center.  It’s a great place for cheap Halloween Costumes!
We got to pick the costume for review, so Princess V and Princess C and I sat down and browsed their huge (and I mean HUGE!) costume collection.  It was really hard deciding, but when we came across the Girls Deluxe Super Mario Princess Peach Costume, we knew we had a winner!  It was decided and within a week we reveived our costume.  We opened it right away and within seconds it was on Princess V and it was not coming off anytime soon. 
The quality is just amazing! We so often in our society associate the word cheap with poor quality.  The Costume Super Center offers cheap halloween costumes, that are also well made and will last.  When ordering the Girls Deluxe Super Mario Princess Peach Costume, I was struggling with their site (ok my computer was actually just acting funny) so I was unable to find how they measure the sizes.  I ordered a medium so I would hopefully not be too big or too small.  It was perfect!  It is just slightly bigger than Princess V (4 years old), so she should be able to wear it for at least 2 years maybe more!
Now so you’re wondering, they do have a size chart, and it’s really easy to locate and size for each costume (I did go back once we got the computer back up to par!)
I just can’t help posting all these cute pics!
The Girls Deluxe Super Mario Princess Peach Costume comes with the dress, gloves, and crown.  Everything a Princess needs! 
The Costume Super Center has a great selection of kids costumes ranging from the decades, to movie characters, to the scary stuff like zombies.  I can’t wait to go back and get something for Princess C and Princess R for this fall.  I may not even wait until the fall. These costumes are great for every day dress up, not just Halloween! 

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