When Counseling Sessions Don’t Fit In Your Schedule

When counseling doesn't fit in your schedule, what do you do? You find alternative counseling methods!

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Mental Health is a hot topic these days. At least to mention it, but are we really talking about it? 

What can you do if regular counseling sessions don't fit in your schedule? There are alternatives.

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Mental Health and Me

I’ve talked a fair amount about my mental health, mainly surrounding postpartum and perinatal depression. I don’t hide what I’ve gone through in hopes of being there for others. 

What helped me the most through my first bout of true depression was counseling. I had hit a point in my life where no one could understand what I was going through, not even myself. That counselor changed me. 

After I got “better” I stopped seeing him. He wanted to continue our sessions, but only if Mark could join us. He thought it would be good for the both of us. That wouldn’t work with Mark’s schedule, so I stopped going.

However, because of that experience, I always recommend counseling to those I encounter. I’ve actually been trying to get Mark to see a counselor for years to help with his anxiety (and yes, he gave me full permission to share his struggles with you). He always claimed to never have the time though. His excuses were almost always the same, “They can only see me during the day, and I can’t take work off for this.” “There’s just no time.”

Making Time for Counseling

Make time for counseling with online sessions from Better Help

Well, not quite 2 years ago I had a bout of severe depression and anxiety. I was 7 months pregnant, going to school full time, trying to keep the blog up and doing my best to be a good mother, and wife. Then Mark lost his job. 

Our paycheck was gone. Our insurance was gone. And my mental health plummeted. Luckily the online school I was going to offered free mental health services for students and their families. 

So one day, when I just couldn’t do it anymore, when I needed to talk to someone that wouldn’t judge me, judge my husband, or tell me to buck up and get on with life, I sat in the car and called the counseling hotline. 

I cried and vented, and just let this complete stranger know everything that was going on, and how angry and scared I was. I couldn’t tell you what she told me, because I don’t remember. What I do remember, is how I felt afterwards. 

Benefits of Counseling 

  • I felt validated in my feelings
  • I felt stronger for letting someone in
  • I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders, at least part way. 
  • I knew I could always call back

See, I didn’t have time to go in to counseling. I had piles of paperwork to fill out to get on insurance before the baby came (plus hello, no insurance to cover the costs of counseling!). Phone calls to make that sent me in crazy circles. And job hunting for both Mark and myself in case he was unable to find employment. Oh and 1 kid still at home, and 3 others that needed me to be there before and after school. 

Tele-counseling was the only way I could get the relief I needed.  If you are effected by mental health issues, but can’t find time to go see a counselor, it is no longer an excuse. My phone call with that counselor lasted about 15-20 minutes, while I sat in my car between running errands. 

Mark has since started school at the same online university I just graduated from, and has also found benefits from their counseling services. They helped him make the time needed for his mental health. 

Counseling for Everyone

Counseling is for everyone, no matter your schedule

Since this particular counseling service is only available to current students and their families,you may be thinking your stuck with the same problem – no time to get the help you need. That’s where you are wrong. 

Turns out there’s some great counseling you can get online, via text, or video chat. Betterhelp.com wants you to take care of you, as do I, so they’ve put together a resource to  help you find the online counseling that’s right for you. Check it out, and please, take care of yourself. 

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