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I was so excited last week when contacted me last week to review their website.  Since I decided to start couponing this year, I’ve been looking for all different types of websites.  Most have very similar coupons – manufacturers that you print and take the store.  That is where Coupon Chief is unique.  All the coupons on Coupon Chief are for online products and services.  In this age of technology and busy schedules, many people have started shopping more online for even the basic needs.
Here is a list of things Coupon Chief offers – 
1. Free to join and submit coupon codes
2. Pays-2-Share program pays YOU when coupons you submit are used*
3. Over 50,000 coupons to over 15000 stores
4. Easy to search for specific stores or products
5. Coupon clipping made easy with one click access to store.
I have been using for a week now, and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  I personally don’t do a lot of online shopping (although has me considering it more), but I get emails and flyers with coupons codes all the time!  I hated throwing the flyers away and deleting the email knowing there were plenty of people out there that could use it.  Now I have an easy place to share these codes, and get paid to do it too!
It is my belief that everything has room for improvement. does not miss the mark in that belief, but from my experience, there is not much it needs to change.  When you click on a coupon, it pops up a handy bubble “Did this coupon Work for you?”  It only gives you two options, yes or no.  There have been many I’ve clicked on that I ended up not even using the coupon, because I didn’t buy anything.  I think adding that third option in would help make their stats more accurate when calculating how effective the coupon was. Last I would add in the personal profile.  You can see the coupons you’ve uploaded, but you can’t click on them.  So if you want to use a coupon that you had uploaded, you have to search for it, and then go through the many coupons similar to find yours.  Not impossible, but it could be made easier.
*Pays-2-Share program does not work with all coupons submitted.  Select stores have partnered with to give back to members submitting coupons. When submitting a coupon the site will tell you if it is a pays-2-share participant.
**I was compensated for this review.  All opinions are my own from personal experience using  My opinions were not influenced in any way by this compensation.  I strive to bring my readers knowledge based on personal experience. 

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  1. Great post! I think adding that third option would help to make their stats more and more accurate when calculating how its effective the coupon was. Last I would add in the personal profile.

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